Hunter New England children get access to cannabis-based drug

A GROUP of kids in the Hunter New England region are receiving doses of cannabis-derived medicine to treat severe epilepsy as part of a statewide trial. Lead researcher Dr John Lawson, from Sydney Children’s Hospital, said about 12 children will participate in the Compassionate Access Scheme for Epidiolex at John Hunter Children’s Hospital, as part of a wider trial involving up to 40 children. It is part of a $21 million commitment to explore the therapeutic use of medicinal cannabis in NSW. “This is an important first step in exploring the clinical use of cannabis-derived medicine for the treatment of severe childhood epilepsy,” said Dr Lawson. “The scheme will see some of the sickest child

Father of dying girl pleads for Queensland Government to allow her cannabis oil in hospital

Steve Peek says cannabis oil has helped control his daughter Suli's seizures. The father of a dying Brisbane child wants special permission from the Queensland Government to use cannabis oil in hospital. Steve Peek said doctors had tried every legal medication on his eight-year-old daughter Suli, who has a regressive neurological disorder that causes multiple chronic seizures, but that nothing had worked. He resorted to cannabis oil 16 months ago to give Suli a better quality of life, and said it had helped control her seizures. But following a recent virus, Suli now needs palliative care. Mr Peek has pleaded with the Government to provide him with compassionate access to use the d

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