Inspirational Gold Coast father’s unwavering commitment to care for daughter with terminal cancer

Jodie Sheean has terminal cancer and her devoted dad, Phil, has given up his life in Victoria to care for her on the Gold Coast. JODIE Sheean is so glad this story is being written. “Dad deserves recognition for what he’s done,” the 38-year-old said of a man who, in a society where so many men are failing their most important task, epitomises what it means to be a father. “He’s been through a lot himself and to just drop everything to care for me is amazing. I don’t think he even weighed it up. I phoned to tell him I had cancer and he just said ‘I’m coming’.” Phil Sheean is a 64-year-old former labourer who a year ago was enjoying the early stages of retirement in Victoria. Golf. Fishing.

The biggest marijuana grow facility in the US isn’t where you think it would be

Cultivating billions on cannabis. (AmeriCann) California is at the forefront of the US medical marijuana industry, and weed’s positive impact on the state’s economy has been huge, generating $2.8 billion in 2015, with $6.5 billion annually expected by 2020. The state’s largest grow facility was announced in June 2016 by GFarms, and is slated to be built in the town of Desert Hot Springs, which declared itself insolvent in 2014 and is now experiencing a real estate boom thanks to the marijuana industry. The GFarms facility will be 100,000 square feet and consist of three greenhouses on seven acres. Now, AmeriCann, a Colorado company has announced much bigger plans to build the nation’s

NZ: Cannabis spray Sativex brings mobility back for Taupo toddler with tumour Elyse Johnson

Elyse Johnson with mum Casey, dad Jamie and brother Blake is starting to show improvement in mobility after starting on a cannabis mouth spray. A Taupo toddler with an incurable brain stem tumour is beginning to show signs of increased mobility four weeks after starting to use a medical marijuana spray. Elyse Johnson has been diagnosed with a diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG), and the 3-year-old was earlier this year approved for Sativex, a mouth spray made with cannabis extract. Mother Casey Johnson said she believed Elyse was the youngest person in New Zealand to be approved for the drug, which is normally used to treat symptoms of multiple sclerosis. "She's getting her mobil

Can You Travel to Australia With Medical Cannabis?

If you live in one of the 28 American states that have legalized medical cannabis and are planning a trip Down Under to celebrate, you might be wondering about the state of Australia’s cannabis laws. Medical marijuana, as you may have heard, is federally legal in Australia now, albeit in a restricted scope. But can you travel to Australia with lawfully prescribed medical marijuana? It might depend on which Australian government department you ask. According to Australia’s Department of Immigration and Border Protection, you do not need a permit to bring in most prescription medicines even if they contain a controlled substance—although you should carry your prescription. The department’s a

USA: States With Medical Cannabis Report Fewer Traffic Fatalities

According to a new study in the American Journal of Public Health, states that have implemented medicinal cannabis law have reported lower numbers of traffic fatalities than states that do not have such laws. Julian Santaella-Tenorio, an epidemiologist at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health, spearheaded the study which analyzed the association of medical marijuana laws with traffic fatality rates. Santaella-Tenorio used data from the 1985-2014 Fatality Analysis Reporting System to examine the association between medicinal marijuana laws and traffic fatalities in multilevel regression models, while controlling for contemporaneous (occurring in the same period of time) secu

Cannabis legalisation Australia: Study finds increasing number of Australians supporting marijuana l

Section Grower Morgan Blenk inspects a marijuana plant clone before planting it at Tweed Marijuana Inc in Smith's Falls, Ontario, March 19, 2014. A survey, conducted over three decades, has found that more and more Australians are supporting decriminalisation of marijuana. For the first time, more Aussies are supporting cannabis legalisation than those who still want it to be classified as an illicit drug. The primary reasons for this significant shift in mindset are one, the legalisation wave sweeping the US and federal and state government acceptance of marijuana as a pain relief drug. According to The Sydney Morning Herald, the 30-year election study by the Australian National Univers

Surge in support to decriminalise marijuana, multi-decade survey finds

There has been a sharp switch in attitude towards recreational marijuana use since 2013, the survey found. For the first time more Australians support decriminalising the use of marijuana than those who back retaining its classification as an illicit drug, a survey conducted over three decades has found. There has been a significant shift in sentiment around marijuana use since 2013, research has found, with experts pinpointing two critical factors: the legalisation push sweeping the United States and official acceptance by federal and state governments that cannabis has a part to play in pain relief for sufferers of disease. The Australian National University's 30-year election study foun

Medicinal cannabis campaigners and a millionaire investor have criticised governments for their appr

Medical cannabis campaigners and millionaire investors have criticised governments for their approach to a so-called ‘wonder drug’. Clinical trials of medicinal cannabis will soon begin in NSW, but Narrandera medical marijuana advocate Rach Cregan said patients were unwilling to trade an illegal treatment that worked for a legal trial that might not. “The drug they’re trialling is missing the THC, that’s the essential ingredient that makes a difference,” Ms Cregan said. “Terminal patients don’t want or need false hope, if they’re getting results with what they’re using, why would they change? “Anyone who’s done the research can see where this trial is flawed, the government had the pot

New research argues legal marijuana is the answer to traffic fatalities in the US

Herbal remedy for an aching nation. Marijuana advocates say weed is a natural miracle drug that can relieve pain and much more. But rarely do they advance the argument that marijuana saves lives by preventing traffic accidents. Now they will. A study conducted at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health found a reduction in deaths of drivers who tested positive for opioid use after a car accident in states with medical marijuana laws after legalization.(Although the researchers were unable to test whether the opioid use was directly causing impaired driving, they could determine whether drivers had taken opioids prior to driving.) The upshot, according to the authors of the st

Medicinal cannabis trial for cancer patients to start at Calvary Mater Hospital in Newcastle.

Pot shot: Newcastle's Calvary Mater Hospital will begin a clinical trial on the effectiveness of medicinal cannabis on appetite in cancer patients from January. NEWCASTLE’S Calvary Mater Hospital will be involved in a world-first clinical trial into the effects of medicinal cannabis on the appetites of cancer patients. Researchers are recruiting palliative care cancer patients in Sydney and Newcastle for the trial of vapourised cannabis flower buds. Professor Richard Chye, director of the Sacred Heart Palliative Care Service at St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney, said they were seeking 30 trial participants with advanced cancer who had lost their appetite. The first stage of the “very complex” t

Hemp Producer Ecofibre Ditches Australia’s Medical Cannabis Rules for the US

Citing Australia’s onerous security requirements for growing medical cannabis, prominent Australian industrial hemp grower Ecofibre announced it will move its medical cannabis capabilities from Australia to the United States. The company, backed by Australian millionaire Barry Lambert, has been producing industrial hemp for more than 15 years for use in medical research, fiber, and food products. Despite a stated desire to lead the medical cannabinoid industry in Australia, the regulatory red-tape in Ecofibre’s home country has proven too much for the company to realize that goal, executives said when announcing the move last week. “The draconian measures being put in place in Australia

Cannabis imports grow as local farmers wrangle with red tape

Barnaby Joyce said in April that importing cannabis that could be grown by Australian farmers would be "an absolute travesty". It's a crop so easy to grow that it's nickname is "weed" but there are concerns Australian farmers could lose out to overseas cannabis farmers because of the tangle of red tape around the production of medical marijuana. Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce has been accused of backing away from his pre-election comments in April that importing cannabis that could be grown by Australian farmers would be "an absolute travesty". Biotechnology trade publication Biotech Daily declared 2016 the year of medical marijuana with several Australian companies including MMJ Phytote

Cannabis-tech company prepares for ASX listing in January

RotoGro is aiming to land on the ASX in January. A Canadian cannabis-tech company is readying a January ASX listing, capitalising on Australia’s recent move to legalise the manufacturing of medical cannabis. RotoGro CEO Adam Clode said his system is a cheap, quick and effective way of achieving massive medical cannabis yields, and he calls it the future of indoor growing equipment. The equipment can be loaded with up to 420 cannabis plants in a single system. Mr Clode told The Australian cannabis stocks in Australia have been going gangbusters since it became legal to cultivate and manufacture medical cannabis from November 1. RotoGro is aiming to land on the ASX in January with a pu

Father who cultivated cannabis to pay for son's ice addiction treatment jailed

A father who grew a cannabis crop and planned to traffic the drugs to pay for his son's treatment for an ice addiction has been jailed for four years. When Veli Selmani learned ice was behind his 26-year-old son's increasingly aggressive behaviour, he vowed to get help and paid $40,000 for his son to attend The Hader Clinic, a renowned rehabilitation centre. Knowing the treatment would put further strain on his family's tight finances, Selmami also acted on the advice of a friend, who said growing and selling cannabis might be the best way to find extra cash. It proved, the County Court heard on Wednesday, a disastrous decision and one the judge described as a "misguided" attempt to help.

Police find cannabis plants at Grafton house, charges laid

A POLICE inquiry into a Grafton house has led to the the discovery of several cannabis plants. About 10.30am yesterday, officers attended an address at Ford St, Grafton, in relation to unrelated enquiries. Whilst at the premises, they observed seven juvenile cannabis plants growing in pots at the property. Police said the plants had a potential street value of $7000. A 40-year-old female at the house assisted police with their enquiries and has since been charged with cultivating cannabis. She will appear in Grafton Local Court at a later date.

Katherine Lorraine: Desperate for medical cannabis, cancer patient is told ‘no’ by her own doctors

Katherine Lorraine and pharmacist Nick Bakarich. Ms Lorraine is seeking access to medical cannabis. A NSW woman dying of cancer has been denied access to medicinal cannabis because her specialist doctors refuse to sign off on the government’s own framework. The framework was set up to help the terminally ill access the pain-relieving drug legally. Katherine Lorraine, 51, has only a week or two to live, yet her quest to obtain medicinal cannabis over the past six months has been repeatedly blocked by her own specialists at The Mater Hospital, Newcastle. “I haven’t been able to get access, I’ve been trying for six months and if it has been legalised, I should be able to get it. I’m dyi

No jail time for Sandon cannabis oil producer

A man found growing 59 cannabis plants in his backyard outside Castlemaine has escaped a jail sentence. The 43-year-old pleaded guilty in the Bendigo County Court on Tuesday to cultivating a commercial quantity of the drug, but did not face any trafficking charges. The court heard police raided his property in Sandon, south of Newstead, on February 2 following a tip-off from a member of the public. Prosecutor David Cordy told the court the man made full admissions to growing more than 120 kilograms of the plants from seeds he planted in September 2015 for his personal use in the management of back pain. Mr Cordy said there was no sophisticated hydroponic setup at the property and no ev

Convicted drug trafficker given more time to prove that using cannabis eases the pain of his leukaem

Darryl Colin Horne outside the District Court. - Darryl Colin Horne must stay off drugs for 42 days to avoid jail A CANCER sufferer and convicted drug grower who says he uses cannabis for “medicinal’’ purposes has been allowed more time to prove the illegal drug eases his symptoms. Darryl Colin Horne is facing a custodial sentence after being convicted in August of cultivating a controlled plant for sale and trafficking a controlled drug. Cannabis plants and dried cannabis worth $30,000 were found in his Salisbury home in 2013. Horne, 56, who has leukaemia, insisted he used just an ounce of the drug daily to control pain and other symptoms. On Tuesday, District Court Judge Davi

DEA Sparks New Battle With Marijuana Extract Makers

A women promotes Hemp products used for medicinal use at the Cannabis World Congress in Los Angeles, California on September 9, 2016. The battle lines are heating up between the marijuana marketplace and the Drug Enforcement Agency. Last Wednesday, the DEA slipped an update in the Federal Register that established a new drug code for marijuana extracts. The move panicked the industry, which is already nervous with the new administration coming in. Millions are at stake for several publicly traded companies that have invested years in marketing products based on the extract called cannabidiol, or CBD. The DEA seemed to believe it was much ado about nothing and was merely a move meant to bet

The Sex Party's Fiona Patten on Why Australia Needs to Legalise Recreational Weed

Australia might be called the lucky country, but luck has not been with the Victorian people when it comes to cannabis. Despite being one of the most progressive Australian states, with one of the most progressive state governments in the country, cannabis is still perceived by the Victorian Government as largely harmful to society. As a Victorian MP and leader of the Australian Sex Party, I've long advocated for change, with taxation and regulation of cannabis a founding party policy. I even moved a motion in the Victorian upper house earlier this year to try and make that happen. The six-to-32 loss did, at least, start a conversation about the lack of rational for keeping cannabis illega

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