Sick NSW mum must hide in the shadows to get 'cloak and dagger' medicinal cannabis

"I know my problems are so serious that a cocktail of prescription drugs struggled to hold the pain and rendered me an incapacitated mess. The cannabis oil has dropped my pain levels to a point where I can actually function," Helen told A NSW mother who started planning her suicide because she suffered agonising pain after an operation to remove a cancerous tumour has had her life transformed by cannabis oil. Helen has chosen to break her silence as users of medicinal cannabis across Australia have begun to mobilise and criticise the government over access to the medicine. Despite the government legalising medicinal cannabis in November last year, campaigners claim sick patients

SA to look at cannabis, hemp changes

Meetings are being held in South Australia today to discuss the future of the medicinal cannabis industry. The South Australian government will consider lobbying the commonwealth to change laws and regulations considered barriers to the development of a medicinal cannabis industry in the state. The government has also brought key stakeholders together to consider economic opportunities that exist for medicinal marijuana and also for the production of industrial hemp. Industry associations, lobby groups, research bodies, companies and government departments met on Monday to discuss the potential future for both sectors. Manufacturing Minister Kyam Maher said the state government did not wan

Mother's plea: don't make me watch my daughter die

A TEWANTIN mother has broken her silence about the benefits of medicinal marijuana after more than a decade of watching her daughter suffer catastrophic seizures. Sue began administering cannabis oil to her daughter Jazz, 12, who has a rare acute epileptic condition called Dravet Syndrome, in the middle of last year. "With what Jazz has, there's no known cure," Sue said. "She was on four pretty heavy epileptic drugs, but still had seizures. A minimum seizure before for Jazz was 35 minutes. "There would be days where she might have 12 big catatonic seizures during the night and day, so her whole day was wiped out. "Then it'd take a couple of days to slowly recover from that, and the

Mum slams state for making son wait for medicinal cannabis

Lindsay Carter (right), with his mum Lanai. THE mother of a teen who uses medicinal cannabis oil has slammed the State Government for putting her son’s life in jeopardy. Lanai Carter said her 19-year-old son, Lindsay, was forced to wait for the state to approve the drug’s prescription, often leaving him in short supply. She said the state approval process was unnecessary as it duplicated a lengthy federal process. Her son takes medicinal cannabis oil capsules every day to help treat a rare brain tumour. Last week, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull rejected One Nation leader Pauline Hanson’s call for an amnesty for unlicensed medical cannabis suppliers, saying illegal supplies of the

Medical cannabis guidelines a positive step for family

REGISTER FOR HEALTH: Greg, Lachlan and Rhonda Miles. TOOWOOMBA mother Rhonda Miles has cautiously welcomed the government's release of new medicinal cannabis guidelines but called for an amnesty and supply-chain assurance in the near future. Mrs Miles' son Lachlan has refractory epilepsy and the family hopes medicinal cannabis can help with his seizures, but has been denied access because of legalities and supply issues. State Minister for Health Cameron Dick today released new guidelines for doctors to legally prescribe the drug legally to patients of any age or condition. "These new guidance documents provide health practitioners with information about what is allowed to be prescri

QLD: Australia’s first medicinal cannabis clinical guidelines released

Queensland doctors now have access to Australia’s first medical practitioner guidance document which will assist them to safely prescribe medicinal cannabis to patients. Minister for Health and Minister for Ambulance Services Cameron Dick said the guidance documents were another step forward in providing safe, controlled access to medicinal cannabis under the nation’s most progressive medicinal cannabis laws. “Through legislation our Government has provided a legitimate pathway for Queensland patients of any age and with a range of conditions to access legal medicinal cannabis products,” Mr Dick said. “That legislation requires the use of medicinal cannabis to be overseen by a medical pr

It’s time for action on medical cannabis

When the state government signed its memorandum of understanding with the NSW government in late 2015 for a medicinal cannabis trial, people who had been waiting years for such an initiative suddenly became very excited. And rightfully so. The potential medicinal benefits of marijuana have been widely published for years, including helping fight glaucoma and controlling epileptic seizures. Unfortunately, a year on, those spinning wheels of progress have slowed quite dramatically. Not unsurprisingly, the state Opposition and the Greens came out and slammed the government over its seeming inaction. But that criticism is quite disingenuous. Labor’s health spokeswoman Lara Giddings h

Medicinal cannabis guidelines could deter doctors prescribing drug, AMA warns

The Government recommendation to avoid prescribing medicinal cannabis products containing THC to under 25s may anger those with conditions such as drug-resistant epilepsy. QUEENSLAND doctors will be warned not to prescribe the strongest forms of medicinal cannabis to anyone under 25 years of age, in new guidelines to be sent out across the state. The Queensland Health guidelines recommend doctors do not prescribe any medicinal cannabis products containing tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – the main psychoactive ingredient of cannabis – to children or young adults due to a belief they are more harmful than other forms of the drug. The guidelines – due to come into effect in March – also cauti

Hundreds rally for medicinal cannabis

HUNDREDS of medical cannabis supporters banded together to call on the State Government for further deregulation of the drug, following the recent raid on Hillier supplier Jenny Hallam’s property. Among the 300 people who attended the “peaceful march” at Adelaide’s Parliament House, last Saturday, were guest speakers Greens MP Tammy Franks, Dignity for Disability MP Kelly Vincent Party and high-profile cannabis lobbyist Dianah Meeglitch. Rally organiser Suzy Horne said it was “inspiring” to see so much support for the drug, which she believes has “saved many lives”. “I know it affects a lot of people, but I was astounded at the demographic of people, from old to young,” she said. “Pe

$300 fine for man caught with cannabis (1.5 grams)

Magistrate Michael Allen. A MAN caught with $30 worth of cannabis has been convicted and fined after he failed to appear to answer the charge against him. Peter Leslie Bell, 46, of Ribbon Gum Lane, Windradyne did not appear before magistrate Michael Allen on January 16 to answer the charge of possessing a prohibited drug, and the matter was dealt with in his absence, under Section 196. Police facts tendered to the court told how at 11.30am on Wednesday, November 30, police were conducting covert patrols of a street in West Bathurst in relation to suspected drug supply in the city. Bell was seen walking from a location that was of interest to police. They approached Bell, who was walkin

Tasmanian Labor: Hodgman Government fails on medicinal cannabis

Bryan Green. - Three years on and the Government delivers nothing on medicinal cannabis - No Tasmanians involved in New South Wales trial despite promises - Tasmanian Liberals completely lacking compassion Shadow Attorney-General Lara Giddings has condemned the Liberal Government for inaction and broken promises over medicinal cannabis. “This is yet another example of a government that talks big on important issues like medicinal cannabis and then delivers nothing,” Ms Giddings said. “There are Tasmanians suffering from serious illnesses who have been given false hope by the Hodgman Government. “More than 12 months ago the Government promised Tasmanians they would be able to partici

Tasmania: Medicinal cannabis statement

Michael Ferguson. The Controlled Access Scheme will be open this year, as we promised. There are Tasmanians who have ruled out participating in the trials, because of the chance of receiving a placebo. Our scheme will allow them to be prescribed medicinal cannabis products by a specialist doctor under certain conditions, including peer review. It is important to note Labor was in Government for 16 years during which time Ms Giddings was both Health Minister and Premier and did absolutely nothing. Contact details for Michael Ferguson? If you prefer to write to Michael Ferguson and voice your opinion regarding cannabis as medicine in Tasmania. Postal address is PO Box 537, Launceston 7250.

Doctors Have No Idea What To Do With Medicinal Cannabis In Australia

The complicated process that leads to medicinal cannabis prescription has both doctors and patients scratching their heads. Legalising medicinal cannabis in Australia is pointless if doctors don’t know how and when to prescribe it. While Australian GPs are now able to prescribe medicinal cannabis, most jurisdictions still haven’t created frameworks to distribute it to patients. States are left to decide who qualifies to use and dispense the product. “Doctors haven’t had any training,” Sydney GP Brad McKay told BuzzFeed News. “Generally, across the board, doctors really aren’t comfortable prescribing because as a general rule, we don’t know if it will hurt anybody.” The Australian Medical A

Tasmanian Labor calls for more action on medicinal cannabis use

The state Opposition says that sick Tasmanians wanting to take part in an interstate medicinal cannabis trial have been left languishing through government inaction. Opposition justice spokeswoman Lara Giddings has accused the government of being too slow to act on allowing sick Tasmanians to access medicinal cannabis. But the government says that some people did not wish to take part in the trial in the first place, and its own scheme – which will allow patients to get unregistered medical cannabis products under prescription – will be open this year. Labor justice spokeswoman Lara Giddings said that the government promised more than 12 months ago that people from Tasmanian would be abl

Questions linger over medicinal cannabis clinical trials in Tasmania

A Tasmanian Government spokewoman says Australian medical cannabis products will become available to Tasmanian’s this year. A YEAR-OLD agreement on medicinal cannabis clinical trials, ­research and ­cultivation has so far meant nothing for Tasmanians, say Labor, the Greens and advocates for the illegal pain relief product. In December, 2015, the State Government signed a memorandum of understanding with then New South Wales premier Mike Baird, which covered clinical trials, ­research and ­cultivation of cannabis for medicinal and scientific purposes. The agreement was seen as the next step towards giving Tasman­ians legal access to medicinal cannabis, after Tasmania agreed to participa

'More sick people will be jailed': Confusion over medical cannabis

There is ongoing confusion about the legalities surrounding medical cannabis. CONFUSION over medical marijuana will result in sick people being jailed for trying to buy treatment illegally, the Nimbin Hemp Embassy has warned. The organisation's president, Michael Balderstone, said a workshop being held in the village today aimed to provide clear advice. "We keep getting visitors who think medical cannabis bought on the streets is legal now," Mr Balderstone said. "It is not, and people continue to get busted daily ... in fact more than ever before." Patients can now consult their usual treating specialist and discuss legal therapeutic options. Cannabis-based medicines prescribed b

Parents to share stories at Nimbin medical cannabis workshop

Tony Bower of Mullaways Medical Cannabis cultivating marijuna for his tincture. Mr Bower is a guest speaker at the workshop in Nimbin on Saturday. A medical cannabis workshop in Nimbin on Saturday will hear from a number of parents who are using cannabis to help their children battle debilitating illnesses. The workshop, being organised by the Nimbin Hemp Embassy, will being at 11am in the Nimbin Town Hall. HEMP president Michael Balderstone said a big crowd was expected at the workshop, which would be a bit different in that many medical cannabis users wanted time to tell their healing stories. ‘It is a good opportunity to ask questions and meet people who have been involved with me

'I picked cannabis oil over surgery': How cancer survivor beats disease a third time

Jessica, who loves physical culture, underwent chemotherapy at the age of 15. On the eve of her 21st birthday, Jessica Olson defied doctors’ orders and terrible odds in a desperate bid to beat her third bout of cancer. In what is an unprecedented endorsement for a controversial drug, the young journalism student turned to cannabis oil when the crippling tumour returned to her neck in 2016. Doctors told Jess she would require a debilitating surgery to remove the lump after successfully, albeit temporarily, overcoming stage II Nodular Sclerosing Hodgkin’s Lymphoma twice before. Without the surgery she was given just months to live, with the surgery she was given a ten per cent chance o

Andrew Katelaris sanctioned because of "unsafe" conduct, not his use of cannabis - NSW med

Critical: NSW chief medical officer Dr Kerry Chant has condemned Newcastle cannabis campaigner Andrew Katelaris's cannabis "trial" involving two women. DEREGISTERED doctor and cannabis campaigner Andrew Katelaris has been permanently barred from administering cannabis to patients because of his “unsafe” practises in a Newcastle case in 2015, and not because it involved cannabis oil, said the state’s chief health officer, Dr Kerry Chant. In comments after the controversial campaigner said the state’s health watchdog was “irrelevant to my existence”, Dr Chant condemned an “experimental trial” by Dr Katelaris in 2015 in which he injected “huge doses” of cannabis oil into the ovarian cancers

Cairns MP Rob Pyne backs LNP defector Dickson’s marijuana push

Cairns MP Rob Pyne has thrown his support between Buderim MP Steve Dickson, who switched teams from the LNP to One Nation over medical marijuana policy. Cairns MP Rob Pyne has praised Buderim MP Steve Dickson for defecting from the LNP over its stance on medical marijuana but he is not ready to switch to One Nation. “I would certainly support Steve if he tables a Bill in parliament, though,” he said. Mr Dickson threw in the LNP towel last week at a media conference beside One Nation leader Senator Pauline Hanson after his former party refused to grant amnesty to parents who provided medicinal cannabis to their children. Steve Dickson Member for Buderim announces he has joined Senator P

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