Medicinal cannabis farm allows rare glimpse into construction at secret Queensland location

Photo: The farm is currently under construction with greenhouses still being built. (ABC News: Jonathan Hair) A medicinal cannabis farm under construction in Queensland has opened its doors for the first time to offer an exclusive glimpse of its top-secret operation. Medifarm, based on the state's Sunshine Coast, has a rare licence granted by the Federal Government to cultivate, produce and manufacture medicinal cannabis. When the farm is up and running, it will produce cannabis oil for Australians with medical conditions. Strict security arrangements are in place to make sure the location of the farm is not compromised. Founder Adam Benjamin said security was paramount when growin

Just a handful of doctors have prescribed medicinal cannabis in Queensland

Medicinal cannabis is now legal in Queensland but only a handful of doctors have taken up the opportunity to prescribe it. Health Minister Cameron Dick said there had been 10 applications for single-patient prescribers for medicinal cannabis. Only a handful of Queensland doctors are registered to prescribe medicinal cannabis. Photo: Getty Images "Four have been approved and six are pending," Mr Dick said, during the sixth day of budget estimates hearings. Medicinal cannabis became legal in Queensland last October. Single-patient prescribers are GPs and specialists who make one-off applications for specific patients, whereas specialists can apply to become patient-class prescribers so they on

Hundreds of seizures a day, now cannabis oil is 'making a difference for my daughter'

Photo: Sophie Martin has spent every birthday since she was three in hospital. (Supplied: Shellie Martin) Even on a good day, eight-year-old Sophie Martin has hundreds of seizures. When she has a severe seizure, she turns blue and cannot breathe. She has been in and out of hospital since she was 10 weeks' old. And there have been close to 100 admissions to intensive care. Every day her parents, Shellie and David, move mountains to try to give her some quality of life. Their lounge room is like a miniature hospital, complete with resuscitation trolley. Even the simplest of tasks, like going outside, are a mission — they have to go armed with a paramedic bag. The decision maker

Olivia Newton-John's cancer battle is going well... Thanks to cannabis oil!

Chloe appeared on the news yesterday to discuss her mum (Credit: Channel 7/ The Morning Show) Olivia Newton-John's daughter Chloe Lattanzi has revealed that cannabis oil is helping her recover from cancer Fans everywhere were devastated when Olivia Newton-John revealed that her cancer had returned. The Grease star announced the return of her cancer in May, being forced to postpone her US and Canada tour as the cancer has now spread to other areas of her body. Olivia's daughter, Chloe Lattanzi, revealed that her mother would be trying alternative courses of medicine - including cannabis oil to try and treat her. Chloe and Olivia are very close friends as well as being mother and daugh

NOT A DRUGGO: Dad says he uses marijuana because of pain

CHRONIC PAIN: Shaune Frisk wih X Rays of his damaged spine. "IT'S not like I'm some horticulturist." Shaune Fisk wants people to understand that his drug-taking is a necessity. Mr Fisk was sentenced in Bundaberg Magistrates Court earlier this month for possession of marijuana. When asked whether he would attend a program to help him get clean, Mr Fisk answered: "No." The reason, he says, is debilitating pain - an agony so relentless the 45-year-old has been prescribed daily 120mg doses of morphine. Mr Fisk says he isn't a druggo, he has "half a dozen cones a day" to help ease his pain as the effects of the morphine wear off. The pain is the result of a car crash 15 years ago wh

Victorian government minister visits medicinal cannabis crops in Canada

First commercial cannabis crop handed over by Victorian Agricultural Minister Jaala Pulford. COMMERCIAL cannabis crops overseas are being visited by the Victorian Government to investigate the future of the budding new medical treatment in Australia. Minister of Agriculture Jaala Pulford toured an indoor growing facility in Canada last week, which will support plants to treat up to 200,000 patients. The visit comes after a Melbourne company was approved to grow the first commercial crop in Australia earlier this year and Ms Pulford flagged thousands of Victorians will have access to medicinal cannabis within years. Up to 450 children will get treatment from August, however experts be

Daily cannabis dose helps improve mice memories

MEMORY MOUSE: Researchers in Germany have found mice given a daily dose of cannabis have improved tmemories. SCIENTISTS at the University of Bonn in Germany have found a small daily dose of cannabis could slow down the decline of cognitive failure associated with ageing. As part of a study investing the aging process of the brain, the researchers found the chemical tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which gives users a high, has been found to improve memory and learning in older mice. The researchers tested the effects of the drug on mice at several different stages in life and found lower doses of THC impaired that of younger mice, but boosted the brain performance in older rodents. After 28

OUR SAY: Toney’s fight shows the trials and errors of medical marijuana

LONG TIME COMING: Former NSW Premier Mike Baird first started talking about the potential of medical marijuana for the treatment of the terminally ill in 2014. IT’S a sad truth, but most of us know someone suffering like Toney Fitzgerald. As documented in today’s story, the 55-year-old was recently diagnosed with cancer for the fourth time, and after a long and unsuccessful round of surgery and treatments, he has turned to marijuana to cure his ailment. Last month he got in touch with Professor Raphael Mechoulam, a medicinal chemistry researcher at Hebrew University in Jerusalem and an expert in the field, who believes large-scale clinical trials on humans are needed to explore the full bene

'We are watching with great interest': Australian politician tours medical marijuana product

Minister of Agriculture and of Regional Development for the State of Victoria in Australia Jaala Pulford (left) and Minister of Municipal Affairs Shaye Anderson fly on a helicopter to tour the Aurora Sky cannabis project at Edmonton International Airport in Nisku on Thursday, July 13, 2017. Ian Kucerak / Postmedia Australian delegates are hoping to learn from Alberta’s expertise after visiting the Aurora Sky medical marijuana production facility Thursday. “We’re now at the point where we need to see what this looks like on a large scale,” said Jaala Pulford, minister for agriculture and regional development for the state government of Victoria. “Our medicinal cannabis industry we can age

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