Study finds pot smokers have more sex

Sex and drugs: researchers have found cannabis smokers have 20 per cent more sex than those who don't partake. Where there is smoke, there tends to be fire, say medical researchers who found frequent marijuana users have about 20 per cent more sex than those who abstain. Stanford University School of Medicine researchers unveiled the link between marijuana and the frequency of sexual intercourse in a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. Researchers in California reached their conclusions after a retrospective analysis of data on 50,000 Americans aged 25 to 45, compiled from 2002 to 2015 by the National Survey of Family Growth. Respondents were asked how many times they

Medicinal cannabis forum set for Brisbane

A woman whose son was the first person in Queensland to be given access to medicinal cannabis is worried about the way regulators are going. A Queensland mother whose ill son became the first person in the state to be given the right to medicinal cannabis will address a forum on drugs policy. Lanai Carter's son Lindsay, 19, has a brain tumour and suffers from epilepsy. He was recommended cannabis oil and dried flowers as part of his treatment by doctors in the US, but the family has not been able to obtain the same product in Australia. That's due to the complexities of importation laws, production licences and the availability of supplies - and it has left Ms Carter worried about the

Nimbin wants medical cannabis amnesty and trial

A workshop in Nimbin in November will update people on medicinal cannabis. (file pic) Medicinal cannabis advocates in Nimbin want the Lismore City Council to contact the State Government asking for an amnesty and a trial to take place in the village. For many years, Nimbin has been at the forefront of the push to recognise cannabis as medicine, and regularly holds workshops to provide people with information about the many uses of cannabis. Another workshop will be held on November 11 at the Bush Theatre in the old Nimbin butter factory. Hemp Embassy president Michael Balderstone said the recent announcement that a Canadian company wanted to set up

Man charged with supplying 'legally grown' cannabis

Marijuana. underworld111 A DEED done in good faith for a friend suffering from a painful disease has landed an ACT man in a Gladstone courtroom. Milan Pero Tomljenovic is set to face the Gladstone Magistrates Court on charges of possessing and attempting to supply dangerous drugs, after police alleged he delivered nearly half a kilogram of cannabis into Gladstone from another state. Defence lawyer Cassandra Ditchfield appeared on Mr Tomljenovic's behalf this week, and said her client intended to plead guilty to the charges. She said her client had grown plants legally in the Australia Capital Territory. However he also harvested 460 grams worth of leaf and stem from his plants, whi

Bill to make medicinal cannabis access easier for terminally-ill Australians passes Senate

MEDICAL cannabis could soon be easier to get for terminally-ill Australians after passing a first hurdle in Parliament today. MEDICAL cannabis could soon be easier to get for terminally-ill Australians after passing a first hurdle in Parliament today. A bid by the Australian Greens to give terminally-ill patients quicker, easier access to doctor-prescribed medicinal cannabis, by allowing access under the Therapeutic Goods Administration category A list, passed the upper house today. It will now go before the lower house, where the government controls the numbers. During debate today, Liberal Democrats senator Senator Leyonhjelm said the Turnbull Government had “blood on its hands” for

U.N., Human Rights Bodies Call Welfare Drug Testing 'Cheap Shot' At The Poor

Plan is 'bad maths' and 'stigmatising', human rights rapporteur says. MrKornFlakes via Getty Images CANBERRA -- The government's controversial plan to drug test welfare recipients is under fire yet again, with the United Nations' rapporteur on human rights calling the policy a "cheap shot" that will "stigmatise" the country's poorest and most vulnerable. Special rapporteur Philip Alston also queried why the government was targeting only the poor with drug testing measures, and not tackling drug use among richer people. Philip Alston @Alston_UNSR Will there also be policy to drug test and crack down on the well-to-do who spend far more on drugs and receive all sorts of Govt benefits? 7:0

Medical cannabis oil supplier Jenny Hallam angry at prosecutors for dragging out court case

Medical cannabis supplier Jenny Hallam wants amnesty for medicinal cannabis users. (AAP Image/David Mariuz) A WOMAN who admits supplying cannabis oil for medicinal purposes has criticised delays to her court case, accusing the State Government of “torturing” people who need chronic pain relief. Jenny Hallam, who has been charged with possessing and manufacturing a controlled drug, appeared in the Adelaide Magistrates Court on Tuesday but prosecutors sought a further adjournment. Outside court, Hallam said prosecutors were “dragging it out” and it was “horrific” for her having to watch people die because accessing medicinal cannabis products remained difficult. “A year ago we were tol

FREE RENT: Council's deal for $100m cannabis facility

Richmond Valley Council has been working hard behind the scenes to secure a $100m medical cannabis facility for Casino. A COMPANY planning to build a $100 million medical cannabis facility at Casino will have free rent at the 27-hectare site for five years. The land, owned by Richmond Valley Council, is at the north-eastern edge of Casino near the sewerage treatment plant. According to a report in the the business paper for tomorrow night's council meeting, the council was forced to "act promptly" in order to secure a partnership with PUF Ventures Australia (PVA). "PVA had discussed opportunities with several councils in the Northern Rivers and reviewed up to 70 possible sites," the

Desperate mum breaks law making cannabis oil for daughter

Katrina Spraggon in her home, where she makes the cannabis oil. Pic Jamie Hanson SUNSHINE Coast mum Katrina Spraggon is so desperate to get her daughter Kaitlyn the cannabis oil that stops the nine-year-old's crippling seizures that she has started making the illegal drug herself. Ms Spraggon said she had tried everything to get Queensland Health to prescribe the drug but instead she had been told Lady Cilento Hospital would no longer treat her daughter if she continued using it and police searched her house the day Kaitlyn returned from treatment, the Courier Mail reports. She said Queensland Health also refused to renew her daughter's supply of bottled oxygen - which runs out this mo

Only 11 doctors in Qld can prescribe medical marijuana

Only 11 doctors in Queensland can prescribe medical marijuana. Glen Stubbe ONLY 11 doctors in Queensland have the authority to prescribe medicinal cannabis. The NewsMail made inquiries this week after receiving reports of difficulty in accessing medical marijuana and the story of Sunshine Coast woman Katrina Spraggon, which went viral online. Ms Spraggon's daughter has 18 medical issues and she has been treating her with medical marijuana. However, she says her daughter can't take part in a legal trial of the drug as she is not willing to fulfill the requirement her daughter not be treated with marijuana for one month beforehand. Ms Spraggon's story also involves access to oxygen,

UOW research will look into access to high-quality cannabis

HIGH-ORDER THINKING: The study will look into medicinal cannabis use. Access to consistent cannabis products will be one of the main focus areas as Wollongong joins Newcastle university as leaders in a new study of medicinal marijuana. The University of Wollongong’s Professor Nadia Solowij will be the co-leader of the new Australian Centre for Cannabinoid Clinical and Research Excellence (ACRE), which will be established by $2.5 million in funding from the National Health and Medical Research Council. Newcastle’s co-leader Professor Jenny Martin said people had difficulty accessing reliable, consistent and clinically suitable cannabis products that are safe and effective. Read more: M

Olivia Newton John: How I will get through this

It's not what you might think. - by New Idea Speaking out about her determined vow to beat her new battle with cancer, Olivia Newton-John has been open about how medicinal marijuana has helped her through her darkest days. Now, the Grease star has shared details of her campaign to have the controversial treatment legalised - revealing in a new interview how she's taken her cause to the Australian government to win her battle. 'I had the wonderful opportunity of going to ask for funding for my cancer wellness centre and to talk about medical cannabis I've been using,' she told The Arizona Republic newspaper. 'It's a very maligned plant that has many healing properties, and peopl

University of Newcastle gets $2.5 million to set up national medicinal cannabis research centre

Funding success: University of Newcastle clinical pharmacologist Professor Jennifer Martin will lead a national approach to medicinal cannabis research. Newcastle will lead the national approach to research into medicinal cannabis treatments. The University of Newcastle announced on Wednesday that it has been granted $6 million from the National Health and Medical Research Council for various projects. Of this money, $2.5 million was allocated to setting up a the Australian Centre for Cannabinoid Clinical and Research Excellence. Professor Jennifer Martin said the national infrastructure, governed from Newcastle, could "rapidly translate the [cannabinoid] research into practice and in

Adelaide company set to import cannabis to extract chemicals for prescription products

Photo: A GD Pharma employee titrates mock-up cannabis oil into bottles. (ABC News: Chris Lockyer) An Adelaide company is to become the first in South Australia to begin cannabis extractions and create market-ready products from a secret laboratory in the city. GD Pharma has been importing cannabis components from overseas but under its new manufacturing licence it will be able to import the plants, extract the chemicals, and produce a range of experimental prescription products. Chief executive Antony Condina said it meant they could control the concentration of cannabis to create tailor-made products for a wide range of clients. Some 266 patients are approved to use medicinal cannab

Woman sick of drug dealers, grows her own instead

Rochelle Joy Colenso was sentenced after pleading guilty to producing marijuana in Maroochydore District Court. A SUPPORTIVE boyfriend and his drug user girlfriend have landed themselves in front of a judge after embarking on a marijuana growing venture together. When police searched a Tewantin home which Rochelle Joy Colenso, 27, and Luke William Lentz, 34, shared in April, they were faced with a hydroponic marijuana operation with about 10 plants, which weighed 81 grams with seeds removed. A further 25 seedlings were found in a grow tent, weighing 37 grams with seeds removed. Police also found a "large quantity" of marijuana in excess of 10kgs being dried. The pair pleaded guilty

Greg Barns: Drug wars in Tasmania and Australia a costly disaster

Police raid a house in NSW where 94 cannabis plants were found. EVER watched Narcos? The Netflix series, now in its third series, chronicles the arrogant US imperial anti-drugs machine and its futile attempts in the 1990s to stop the production and export of cocaine from Colombia into the US. Narcos tells us something we already know — that the war on drugs is a monumental failure and that every time a drug cartel is taken down, another one sweeps in to the space created and exploits a seriously profitable market opportunity. Cocaine is a drug of choice for millions, including Americans, and it will always be the case. What happens in Narcos is a manifestation of what Tasmania’s Chief

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