Legalising recreational marijuana ‘could help revive Northern Territory’s struggling tourism industr

Legalising recreational marijuana ‘could help revive Northern Territory’s struggling tourism industry’ LEGALISING recreational marijuana could help revive the Northern Territory’s struggling tourism industry. Debbie Turner, marketing manager for Darwin backpackers Youth Shack and Chillis, said legalisation would lead to an influx of tourists keen to get high, similar to that experienced by states in the US that decriminalised the drug. Ms Turner said, if done properly, pot tourism would give the NT a point of difference and lure tourists away from the east coast. The youth market in particular would benefit, she said. The impacts would flow on to the rest of the community, including the hosp

Cannabis grows well in Katherine

A NT government trial to grow marijuana at an undisclosed location in Katherine has met with success. The NT Government is pleased with the success of growing a trial plot of medicinal marijuana in Katherine. So much so that new laws might saw allow the commercial cultivation of the crop here. The NT Government is expected to approve the creation of a commercial hemp industry by the end of the year. The move follows other successful trials in southern states and Federal Government approval of the sale of medicinal marijuana. Quoted on ABC Radio, Katherine Mayor Fay Miller said the success of the department trial proved the region's agricultural industry was up to the task. "Obviously this is

NT has high hopes for drug decriminalising

Northern Territory Chief Minister Michael Gunner. Picture: Justin Kennedy A parliamentary committee in the Northern Territory will examine the possibility of decriminalising all drugs, as Chief Minister Michael Gunner opened the door to a new “health ­approach” to the issue. Assistant Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Services Jeff Collins, who has been lobbying for drug decriminalisation, will lead the committee, which will report back in Aug­ust next year. “It’s certainly a long way ­beyond simply the decrimin­alisation of marijuana,” he said yesterday. “It comes from my trip to Portugal last year to have a look at their system where they decriminalised all drugs in 2001 … We’re look

NT looks at creating marijuana industry

The Northern Territory is interested in developing a marijuana industry. Marijuana for recreational use could be decriminalised and legally grown for medicinal and industrial purposes in moves that would make the Northern Territory the most pot-friendly place in Australia. Chief Minister Michael Gunner said his government was very interested in the Territory's potential to cultivate hemp and medical marijuana, boosting the economy and jobs. Federal laws legalised growing medical marijuana in 2016 and this year that was widened to allow exports from Australia, with the NT falling into line with other states. But Mr Gunner has gone further, setting up a parliamentary committee to look at "harm

US companies trick Australians into buying their medicinal cannabis

​​​​​​​The TGA has raised the alarm about false claims. Medicinal cannabis patients are being targeted by US companies that falsely claim the TGA wants them to supply cannabidiol (CBD products). The TGA has warned that US companies are illegally exporting CBD and hemp products to Australian patients on the back of false and misleading claims. At least one company claims it has been invited to register its CBD products on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) to help meet to growing demand, the TGA says. The company goes on to state it will have its products registered with the TGA “very quickly”. The company’s claims imply its products are safe and effective and have been appro

Bill to legalise cannabis hits parliament

Legislation to allow states and territories to legalise and regulate cannabis has been introduced to parliament by Liberal Democrats senator David Leyonhjelm. Liberal Democrats senator David Leyonhjelm has introduced legislation to parliament to legalise cannabis. Senator Leyonhjelm has been a long-time supporter of allowing recreational use of cannabis and last month backed the Greens' plan to make the drug legal. He introduced a private senator's bill to the Senate on Wednesday which would let states and territories legalise and regulate cannabis. Originally published here:

Door open for medicinal marijuana investment in North East

Victorian premier Daniel Andrews legalised medicinal marijuana. A $16 million medicinal marijuana cultivation and production hub could come to Myrtleford or the North East, with producer Canopy Growth still searching for a base. Alpine mayor Ron Janas said the shire would have no objections to the company developing in the region. In April, Canada’s Canopy Growth announced they would set up southern headquarters and production in Victoria. Former tobacco farmers in Myrtleford have previously called for cannabis investment in the town, saying they have cultivation skills. Managing director Ben Quirin said the company was assessing their location options and did not rule out the production com

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