Cannabinoid mice trial holds hope for pancreatic cancer patients

Curtin University's Professor Marco Falasca led the research. A naturally occurring cannabinoid could provide hope for pancreatic cancer patients after breakthrough research by Curtin University found it strongly enhanced the effectiveness of the chemotherapy drug Gemcitabine in mice. Scientists at Curtin and Queen Mary University of London tested the impact the naturally occurring cannabinoid 'Cannabidiol' had on the use of Gemcitabine as a treatment for pancreatic cancer in mice. Lead author Curtin University Professor Marco Falasca said the the research indicated the mice, whose form of the cancer closely resembles the human disease, lived three times longer if they were treated with th

Midland parents praise cannabis oil for helping two-year-old’s epilepsy

Zavier Elward (2) of Midland. Zavier is now getting CBD Oil treatment to help with his seizures and West Sundrome symptoms. The results have been incredible but now parents Shaileen and Harley need financial help with the treatment costs. WATCHING their son go from having more than 50 seizures a day to just two in a month is “incredible” for Shaileen Roberts and Harley Elward. The Midland parents attribute two-year-old Zavier’s promising results to Cannabidiol (CBD) oil, a prescribed treatment made from cannabis they’ve administered orally twice daily over four weeks. Ms Roberts said the improvement in Zavier, who was diagnosed with infantile epilepsy, was “amazing” and better than he had fr

Lindsay Carter arrives back from Canada with supply of medicinal cannabis

July 24, 2018. Lanai and Lindsay Carter speaking at Brisbane International Airport on Tuesday,July 24, 2018. They have just arrived back from Canada where they obtained a one month supply of medicinal cannabis for Lindsay's brain tumour. (AAP VIDEO/Glenn Hunt) Originally published here:

Katrina Spraggon backs One Nation over support of cannabis oil for daughter Kaitlyn

One Nation candidate for Longman Matthew Stephen visiting Katrina Spraggon and her daughter Kaitlyn. Picture: Glenn Hunt The One Nation campaign in Longman is receiving support from an unlikely source: a mother fighting the Queensland government over the cannabis oil she gives to her chronically ill daughter. Katrina Spraggon, whose daughter Kaitlyn suffers severe epileptic seizures, has been trying to get much-needed surgery for the 10-year-old but health officials won’t let her use the cannabis oil in their hospitals. She supported One Nation in last year’s state election after the party took up her cause, and speaking after a horror morning where Kaitlyn had eight seizures, Ms Spraggon

Medical cannabis in Australia 'pretty much inaccessible', leaving patients looking to US

Photo: Stephen Taylor with his daughters Ariel (l) and Morgan (r). He is considering treatment taking Morgan to the US for treatment. (ABC News: Michael Vincent) A father who escaped jail time for juicing cannabis to treat his two daughters is now considering sending one of them overseas for treatment. Stephen Taylor's daughter's, Morgan, 21, and Ariel, 25, suffer from Crohn's disease, a debilitating bowel disease. "We've been thinking about me going to America for a while," Morgan told 7.30. "We may have to do that," Mr Taylor said. "Such a shame we can't do [cannabis juicing] in our own country." Mr Taylor began to grow and juice his own cannabis after struggling to find a doctor who w

Mother: Medication Makes It Worse But Cannabis Saves Her Life

Study finds "huge unmet clinical need" for children with epilepsy "It saves her life," Queensland mum Katrina Spraggon said of the medical cannabis which she said dramatically reduces her epileptic daughter's violent, potentially fatal seizures. The Queensland mum said her daughter Kaitlyn had previously been on a "cocktail" of medications, from anti-seizure drugs to opiate painkillers. Kaitlyn has been weaned off these drugs since using medical cannabis, which is grown by a family member and refined at home. Kaitlyn uses a formulation of medical cannabis which is high in THC and low in CBD. "She would be blue and not breathing. I was giving her CPR all the time, the anti-seizure medication

Ilicit cannabis good for childhood epilepsy

Parents are turning to the black market for the products Australian parents who turn to medicinal cannabis to treat their children with epilepsy overwhelmingly consider the extracts “effective”, a pioneering study has found. However, contrary to expectations, the extracts generally contained low doses of cannabidiol (CBD) – commonly considered to be a key therapeutic element that has been successfully used in recent clinical trials to treat epilepsy. The research by the University of Sydney not only sheds light on the composition of cannabis used in the community but also reveals the legal, bureaucratic and cost issues faced by families who rely on the products, as well as demonstrating

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