Sydney grandfather reveals how medicinal cannabis saved his granddaughter

(Supplied) Sydney businessman Barry Lambert doesn't apologise for ignoring the law. The 72-year-old decided to embark on a path of no return when his granddaughter Katelyn, now seven, began having seizures. She was just five months old and was soon diagnosed with Dravet syndrome, a rare form of epilepsy. The gene mutation most commonly leads to intellectual disability and often death. "After a particularly long seizure she was airlifted to the [Sydney Children's Hospital at Randwick] because the seizure was going for two-and-a-half hours," Lambert tells Deborah Knight in this week's Honey Mums podcast. "[Her condition is] incurable and she's on a whole range of medications. "You’ve g

Why do Aussies self-medicate with cannabis?

A survey has looked into how Australians use illicit cannabis to treat health conditions Australians who use illicit cannabis for medical reasons do so mainly to treat mental health issues, chronic pain, and sleep problems. An anonymous online survey of 1748 participants was conducted in April to October 2016—immediately prior to the 2016 legislation for frameworks for medicinal cannabis use being passed. Researchers from the University of Sydney found the most frequent reasons for medicinal cannabis use were to treat anxiety (50.7%), back pain (50%), depression (49.3%), and sleep problems (43.5%). Respondents had used medicinal cannabis an average of 19.9 days of the previous 28 days, and a

Medical cannabis 'safe' for severe childhood epilepsy

A small but significant group had a notable reduction in their seizures, Australian study shows Almost all of the first 40 children given cannabidiol for severe epilepsy in Australia had an adverse event within three months — although most were mild and unrelated to the therapy, according to a study. Although four children withdrew from the NSW study, more than half of the cohort showed at least some improvement in the eyes of their treating doctors and carers, say the authors of the paper published in the Medical Journal of Australia. Paediatric neurologists tracked tolerability, adverse events and the subjective impressions of caregivers and treating neurologists among the first group of c

Discharged From Palliative Care, Australia's Medical Cannabis Poster Boy Is Still Struggling For

"It's the same problems, again and again." Supplied Lindsay Carter, the first young Queenslander to be granted legal access to schedule 9 medicinal cannabis in 2016, was discharged from palliative care on Monday. Recently back from a medicine-sourcing trip to Canada, 19-year-old Carter's medical supply is running low and he faces the very real possibility of being without the drug that has managed to largely stop his daily seizures. The family has journeyed to Canada or the USA five times in the last four years. Palliative care workers told Lindsay and his mother, Lanai, that they could not prescribe medical cannabis to him outside of palliative care trials. Carter, who suffers from intract

Australians are self-medicating with cannabis

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images Australians use illicit cannabis to treat chronic pain, mental health, sleep and neurological conditions. A survey of 1,744 finds the users report cannabis use effective in helping them manage health conditions. However, side effects include increased appetite, drowsiness, eye irritation, lethargy and memory impairment. The latest research shows Australians are self-medicating with cannabis to help with pain, mental health, sleep and neurological conditions. A survey of 1,744 conducted by the University of Sydney looked at the the use of cannabis for therapeutic reasons within the past 12 months. The conditions being self-treated using cannabis are most commonly ba

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