Not Guilty on All Charges: An Interview With Medicinal Cannabis Crusader Dr Andrew Katelaris

At around noon on Thursday, a jury found renowned medicinal cannabis practitioner Dr Andrew Katelaris not guilty on a number of very serious charges relating to the supply and manufacture of cannabis medicines. Representing himself in court, Dr Katelaris argued a defence of medical necessity, meaning that his patients’ needs were so dire that it was necessary for him to break the law, so he could provide them with life-saving cannabis medicine. This is a victory not only for the doctor, but for cannabis medicine producers and patients throughout the state, as a precedent has been set for future cases where cannabis medicine production is being prosecuted. NSW police raided Dr Katelaris’ hous

The ACT Is Just One Vote Away From Legalising Cannabis

Cannabis was decriminalised in the ACT in 1992 -- but Labor MP Michael Pettersson said that means people are getting caught out. (AP Photo/Steven Senne) Possessing up to 50 grams of cannabis or four marijuana plants for personal use could soon be legal in the Australian Capital Territory. A private members bill to legalise cannabis for personal use has the unanimous support of the capital's Labor minority government and only requires one extra vote from either the Greens, or the Liberal Party. The man behind it, Labor backbencher Michael Pettersson, says Australia has lagged for too long on this issue. "I would say that Australian and Canberrans like to think they're forward thinking

Cooper was living the best life possible, before his health took a turn for the worst

When Jo Freeman's son was born, he looked perfect to her. "To me he didn't look different," she tells 9Honey. "He was my first child. To me he just looked normal. I had no idea." To medical staff, however, baby Cooper's telling facial features warranted further testing. In the latest episode of Honey Mums, Deb Knight talks to Nine sports presenter Sam Squiers about the dramatic birth of her premature daughter Imogen. Jo and her husband were told their son had a rare chromosome deletion. They were also told their precious little boy would never walk, talk or eat. Cooper is now six and completely dependent on his devoted parents and carers. Still his parents were proud of the life they had

Could cannabis be key to combat the opioid crisis?

Weed’s legal forays began in the medical space as a way to treat chronic pain and anxiety, among other conditions. Today, with the drug showing positive effects on an ever-expanding litany of ailments from epilepsy to cancer, there’s also growing research showing that there are specific constituents in cannabis which may have a profound impact on controlling the addictive effects of opioids, and possibly serving as a treatment for opioid dependence and withdrawal. Steven Laviolette, Western University professor in neuroscience, writes in a recent op-ed in The Conversation, that the interactions between opioids and cannabis have been explored on clinical and pharmacological levels for decades

A Labor MLA is going to try to legalise cannabis in Canberra

Labor backbencher Michael Pettersson.Credit:Jamila Toderas ACT Labor backbencher Michael Pettersson will try to push through laws to legalise cannabis for personal use next sitting week, claiming overwhelming support for his bill. But there are question marks over the legal barriers to enacting the bill, with concerns it could be overridden by Commonwealth laws. Mr Pettersson said he would introduce the bill the next sitting week after making technical amendments based on submissions to the draft bill. It would mean adults possessing up to 50g of cannabis or four cannabis plants would no longer be committing a criminal offence. Mr Pettersson said 94 per cent of people or groups that r

Reason Party plans to legalise cannabis in Victoria within two years if elected

Photo: The Reason Party is proposing to legalise recreational cannabis by 2020. (Supplied: Sharon McCutcheon) Buying and smoking cannabis would be legal in Victoria within the next two years under an ambitious new policy pitch from the Reason Party. Key points: Reason Party MP Fiona Patten wants to legalise recreational cannabis in Victoria by 2020 The policy would save Victorians $204 million, according to the Parliamentary Budget Office The major parties are unlikely to support the move The plan would boost the state's coffers by $204 million, according to Victoria's Parliamentary Budget Office, by reducing the costs of policing and sparking new revenue through sales. But even if

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