If cannabis is legal, should drug driving laws change?

The ACT has the harshest drug driving laws in Australia, according to the ACT Law Society. Canberrans who smoke a joint and drive the next day could face the same penalties as the drunkest drivers, even if the drug is legalised, an ACT parliamentary inquiry has heard. The ACT Law Society says the ACT has the harshest drug driving penalties in Australia, and has expressed doubts about how the laws will interact with a proposal to legalise cannabis for personal use. The society's criminal law committee chair Michael Kukulies-Smith told a Legislative Assembly committee on Friday there needed to be more harmonisation of the territory's drink and drug driving laws if cannabis became legal. As

Rich Lister Barry Lambert's Ecofibre makes ASX debut

Shares in Barry Lambert's Ecofibre surged 70 per cent in their debut on Friday at the Australian Securities Exchange, giving the maker of hemp products a market value of more than $500 million. Shares with the ticker code EOF opened at $1.61, up on the initial public offering price of $1 per share. They got as high as $1.75 per share and as low as $1.45. They closed at $1.70. The company did not use a broker and instead tapped the contact books of chief executive Eric Wang, the former chief operating officer of Perpetual, and Mr Lambert, who is best known for the sale of Count Financial to CBA, and is Ecofibre chairman. Chairman Barry Lambert with granddaughter Katelyn at the bell ringing ce

Canberra's drug driving laws could be relaxed if cannabis is legalised in the ACT

Photo: ACT Road Safety Minister Shane Rattenbury said there would be no softening of drug driving laws. (ABC News: James Carmody) Canberra's legal fraternity has called for a relaxing of drug driving laws if cannabis is legalised in the ACT, saying the consequences are often too harsh and "disproportionate" to the level of impairment. Key points: A small amount of cannabis in the system currently results in the same punishment as an alcohol reading of 0.15 It is currently not possible to detect whether a person has taken a small or large amount of a drug The ACT Government has convened a working group to examine drug driving issues The Law Society of the ACT made a submission to an inquiry l

Homeless to suffer if big fines introduced for smoking cannabis in public

Rough sleepers could be needlessly criminalised by plans to fine people up to $4800 for smoking cannabis in public if the drug is legalised, lawyers have warned. A Legislative Assembly inquiry is under way into a private members bill from Labor backbencher Michael Pettersson to legalise small amounts of cannabis for person use. Program manager and solicitor at Street Law, Farzana Choudhury, said cannabis users have suffered harsh consequences because of their inability to pay their fine. Credit:Elesa Kurtz The bill is intended to stop people entering the criminal justice system for possessing small amounts of the drug for personal use. As a safeguard, it bans people from smoking cannabis in

Incredible video shows woman 'shaking uncontrollably' before taking cannabis oil

Jill Radford has lived with uncontrollable shaking for the past decade – her condition so debilitating she has been immobile, housebound, and feeling miserable. The 65-year-old, from Launceston, Tasmania, was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis 10 years ago, but it wasn’t until two years ago doctors realised Parkinson’s disease was also to blame for her extreme symptoms. Ms Radford had all but completely given up on the effectiveness of her prescription medication and any hope of ever getting back to her healthy, active lifestyle – that was until she struck a miracle. Jill Radford tucks into a cookie with her CDB oil “butter”. Source: Leon Cameron This week she began a course of Cannabidiol

How black market drugs gave this 68-year-old Bunbury woman 'pure happiness'

A few years ago, a 68-year-old Bunbury woman (who wished to remain anonymous) would have been terrified at the thought of consuming cannabis. Now, she can’t imagine life without it. A 68-year-old Bunbury woman is calling for the Australian government to legalise cannabis.Credit:AP/ NOAH BERGER The woman, who was diagnosed with epilepsy 20 years ago, started using cannabis on a regular basis in 2014, after watching a documentary on television about the positive effects of cannabis in children with epilepsy. She had managed to keep seizures under control for most of her life, but after a four-year struggle with unsually severe seizures, depression and suicidal thoughts the documentary was the

Exclusive: 'I'm a criminal for using cannabis to save my son's life'

Shelby was having up to 60 seizures a day before being given CBD oil as a treatment. (Nine/Supplied) In the eyes of the government Dannielle Luttrell is a criminal. Why? Because she openly admits to growing her own cannabis to make CBD oil. Ms Luttrell told she uses the product to treat her permanently disabled son, 10, who had been suffering up to 60 seizures each day before she started treating him with CBD oil. Shelby is diagnosed with spastic quadriplegia. (Nine/Supplied) The production of medical marijuana has much more scrutiny than cannabis purchased on the black market. (EPA/AAP) The cultivation of cannabis is an offence in Tasmania unless it is done for medicinal purpose

Can medicinal cannabis treat the tics in Tourette syndrome?

Lambert Initiative facilitating supply for clinical trial A pioneering clinical trial investigating medicinal cannabis as a potential treatment for people living with Tourette syndrome will be conducted by Wesley Medical Research, with the cannabis supply facilitated by Lambert Initiative for Cannabinoid Therapeutics at the University of Sydney. The trial is the first of its kind in Australia and will take place at Wesley Medical Research in Brisbane led by Chief Investigator and neuropsychiatrist Dr Philip Mosley. Participants will complete two periods of treatment with either a medicinal cannabis drug or a placebo, with both investigators and participants unaware of treatment status until

Should Canberra allow cannabis-growing clubs to be set up?

A drug researcher has suggested the cannabis bill be amended to allow social growing clubs to be set up. Credit: Rohan Thomson Cannabis-smoking Canberrans should be able to join clubs where gardeners can cultivate their cannabis crops for them, a Legislative Assembly inquiry has been told. Labor backbencher Michael Pettersson's private member's bill would legalise cannabis possession under 50 grams and allow users to grow up to four plants. The government has foreshadowed amendments to the legislation that would allow only two plants to be grown up to a household limit of four plants, and introduce wet and dry limits for the drug. Mr Pettersson told an Assembly inquiry into his bill

ACT minister who brought in cannabis notices says they should be axed

Former independent health minister. Michael Moore says the Simple Cannabis Offence Notice was born out of pragmatism and if he could have legalised cannabis in the same way Michael Pettersson wants to he would have. Credit:Jamila Toderas A former politician who helped to decriminalise cannabis in the ACT says the fine scheme he helped to introduce should go, and he would have legalised the drug nearly 30 years ago if he could have. Former independent health minister Michael Moore oversaw the introduction of the Simple Cannabis Offence Notice in 1992, which enabled police to give people caught with small amounts of cannabis a $100 fine. If the fine is paid within 60 days, there is no convicti

'Legalising' cannabis in Canberra would put more smokers behind bars, ACT police warn

Photo: ACT Policing said this photo showed how, using wires to support them, just two cannabis plants could be used to grow commercial quantities of the drug. (Supplied) Police warn "legalising" recreational cannabis in Canberra would leave them with no choice but to enforce federal criminal laws, meaning more people would end up imprisoned over the drug as a result. Key points: Police say they would have to enforce criminal laws if ACT laws were removed But the drug sector's peak body says only a quarter of cannabis use arrests led to a fine last year The ACT's chief police officer warned legalising cannabis could help fund more organised crime The ACT Government has proposed legalising can

WA Police seize almost 4000 cannabis plants in Bambun

Police seized almost 4000 plants and close to 60kg of cannabis head from a property in Bambun, north of Perth.Picture: WA Police Another big cannabis crop has been found on a rural property north of Perth, with police seizing almost 4000 plants and close to 60kg of cannabis head. The haul is believed to be the second biggest in WA after organised crime squad investigators found 7500 plants at a property at Red Gully, north of Gingin, in October. No one was at the property on Sullivan Road in Bambun, 80km north of Perth, when officers raided it last Thursday. Inquiries are continuing into the criminals behind the commercial operation, but the Vietnamese property owners told police they had le

Here’s The Letter Di Natale Sent Shorten About Our Shit Medical Cannabis Laws

By Brad Esposito Greens leader Richard Di Natale has written to Labor leader Bill Shorten and Shadow Health Minister Catherine King, calling for both parties to work together to fix up the nation’s “failed” access pathways to medicinal cannabis. Most of Australia‘s political parties came together when legal medicinal cannabis was first announced and accepted the government’s proposal to use the Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA) as the main body to grant access to medicinal cannabis. But complicated application processes, price, lack of doctor education, and confusion have all slowed the prescription of the drug. “Health professionals and patients have to jump through unreasonable hoops whi

The NSW Greens Will Commit To Erasing Criminal Convictions For Cannabis Possession

The NSW Greens has announced it will commit to expunging criminal convictions for cannabis possessions as part its support of legalising the drug. There have been over 25,000 recorded criminal incidents involving cannabis possession in NSW in the last two years, and Greens MLC David Shoebridge says these convictions create an unjust stigma. “Tens of thousands of people in NSW alone are living with the legacy of a criminal conviction for possessing a substance that is legal in many different countries around the world,” he told PEDESTRIAN.TV. The NSW Greens’ ambitious plan would see all cannabis use and possession decriminalised, before expunging all past criminal records and convictions rela

Cannabis is the fastest-growing sector in the U.S. job market

The fastest-growing industry in the U.S. right now is not tech. It’s pot. The marijuana industry added 64,389 jobs in 2018, an increase of 44% from the year before, according to a new report from the cannabis website Leafly and Whitney Economics. There are now more than 211,000 legal cannabis jobs in the U.S. And that number jumps to 296,000 when indirect jobs (suppliers or independent contractors) and induced jobs (project or business financing) are included, according to the report. Not impressed? Think about this: the number of legal marijuana jobs in the U.S. now surpasses coal mining (52,000), textile manufacturing (112,000), and brewery workers (69,000). (Though recreational marijuana

Victorian man arrested for possession of 2 cannabis plants

POLICE arrested a 35-year-old Jeparit man on Thursday night for cannabis possession. Nhill Sergeant Matt Currow said police located "two very mature" cultivated cannabis plants at the man's Jeparit property. The man was arrested and charged with possession. Sergeant Currow said police weren't tipped off about the plants by the public, but police were at the property for other reasons. The man will appear at Horsham Magistrates' Court in mid-April. Originally published here:

'The sky did not fall': Vermont's advice to ACT on legalising cannabis

Police in Vermont have warned the ACT to address issues around drug-driving in its bid to legalise cannabis, as the Australian capital looks to use the same model of legalisation as the US state. ACT Labor backbencher Michael Pettersson wants to legalise cannabis using the Vermont model. Stakeholders in the US state said the "sky did not fall" when the drug was legalised. Credit:Rohan Thomson ACT Labor backbencher Michael Pettersson's bill to legalise cannabis is based on the Vermont model, which allows for the possession and use of cannabis but does not create a commercial market. While legalisation in Vermont came in the context of similar moves from other US states and under a different f

Police find underground cannabis bunker in Cairns

Police have uncovered an underground bunker containing a cannabis crop in a quiet street in Cairns. It was a tip-off from Crime Stoppers that led police to the scene that wouldn’t be out of place in a Hollywood blockbuster. Officers searching a shed on the property at Mooroombool found a tool box that, when opened, revealed a false bottom hiding three steps that led down to an underground cavern. The toolbox was not all it appeared. (Queensland Police) Three steps led down to the underground bunker. (Queensland Police) The hand-dug hideaway, appeared to be held up only by acrow props, contained a hydroponic cannabis lab with seven plants. A 46-year-old man is due to appear in Cairns Magistra

Australian Researchers Find CBD Curbs Methamphetamine Addiction in Rats

Out of a combined effort by the Lambert Initiative and two universities in Australia -- Macquarie University and the University of Sydney -- comes an animal study that isolates CBD as a promising treatment for addiction to methamphetamine. In recent years, a number of studies have shown emerging evidence of the potential therapeutic effectiveness of cannabidiol (CBD) in treating a variety of addictions such as heroin, cocaine, and alcohol, to mental disorders such as schizophrenia to the psychoses and anxiety that can accompany addiction. Based on the findings of their own study and others, and given the safety record and availability of CBD, the organization is hoping to proceed quickly to

Olivia Newton-John Says Husband's Home-Grown Cannabis Is Helping with Her Cancer Pain

Olivia Newton-John and John Easterling Kathryn Burke When it comes to treating her stage 4 breast cancer, Olivia Newton-John is doing all she can to feel her best. “I decided I would use everything I could to get stronger,” she tells PEOPLE in this weeks issue, opening up about living with the cancer that has spread to her back. The Grease star, whose new memoir Don't Stop Believin'this link opens in a new tab is out in the U.S. on March 12, reveals that last September she suffered a pelvis fracture, caused by the weakening of her bones due to the disease. Recuperation hasn’t been easy, but she credits her husband John Easterling, 66, a natural health entrepreneur, with helping her feel bett

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