Arrests after 3000 cannabis plants found in greenhouses

Three men have been arrested after a cannabis crop of around 3000 plants were found in greenhouses outside of Adelaide. The men ran when police raided the Pentland Road property at Virginia, with two dogs called in to help with the search on Saturday. Approximately 3000 cannabis plants were found in greenhouses at the property along with a "large amount" of dried cannabis, South Australian police said. They received a tip-off and raided the property around 9am and will remain at the scene in the coming days. The trio, aged 53, 25 and 26, were caught nearby and are expected to be charged with cultivating a large commercial quantity of a controlled plant and drug trafficking. They will face co

Medical Cannabis: Thailand leads worldwide healthcare promotion

Every business plan needs to answer this question: “How does it help people?” Thailand was the first Asian country to amend its laws to allow for medical cannabis. The amendment is narrow, essentially allowing only research and development activities under license with public institutions and consumption with a medical certificate. Companies are positioning for the eventual commercialisation and expecting similar liberalisation throughout Asia. In the “green rush” to develop markets, companies must not ignore the answer to that core business question. The Opportunity – Real People Benefits Attitudes regarding cannabis are changing globally. This is not just a Thailand phenomenon. Countries a

Long-Time Tourette's Sufferer Says Aussie-First Medical Cannabis Trial Changed His Life

Chris Wright credits his improvement to medical cannabis oil. Image: 10 News First Chris Wright has struggled with Tourette Syndrome most of his life, but he says taking part in Australia's first medicinal cannabis trial to treat the disorder has changed his life for the better. At the age of 32, Chris Wright can finally enjoy doing the simple things in life ... like reading a book. He says it's all thanks to cannabis oil. "It's nice to be able to feel like a normal human being again," he told 10 News First. A year ago Wright was battling uncontrollable physical and verbal tics. READ MORE A Family's Anguish Turns To Hope Thanks To Cannabis Trial Back then, as he struggled to keep his head

Australian GP: 'We need easier access to medicinal cannabis to reduce opioid use'

Dr Orit Holtzman believes more doctors need to be educated about the benefits of medical cannabis. (Supplied) An Australian GP has called for patients to be given easier and cheaper access to medicinal cannabis, claiming it will reduce the harm associated with highly-addictive and potentially deadly opioids. Dr Orit Holtzman, who practices in New South Wales, said Australia's laws currently prevent medical cannabis being offered a first-line treatment, with patients instead given opioids or medication for neuropathic pain before they can be considered. In NSW, patients require one clinical assessment from the Therapeutic Goods Association before being given access to the drug - previously, a

Medicinal cannabis regulation costing patients $600 a month, forcing some to turn to the black marke

Photo: Brent Arcuri uses cannabis oil he bought online in the kitchen of his Gold Coast home. (ABC News) Every morning, Brent Arcuri uses a glass pipette to carefully drop a small dose of cannabis oil under his tongue. Key points: Patients say the way the Federal Government regulates medicinal cannabis has made it prohibitively expensive Many Australians are being driven to the black market to access the product There is currently no subsidy for medicinal cannabis under the PBS, but the TGA expects this may change The 20-year-old from the Gold Coast suffers from Crohn's Disease, an inflammation of the bowel that makes digesting any food a painful chore. "Every day I wake up I have some sort

Colorado sold a record $1.75 billion of cannabis last year

This time last year, it appeared that Colorado's industry was plateauing. Now it's surging. Colorado cannabis shops notched sales of nearly $1.75 billion during 2019, setting a new annual sales record for the state home to the nation's longest-established recreational cannabis industry, according to Colorado Department of Revenue data first reported by the Denver Westword. The new high water mark for sales netted more than $302.4 million in tax revenue for the state's coffers, where that money is divvied up into various buckets to fund programs such as school construction, law enforcement, public health, drug education and public safety. The 2019 figures showcase a surprising surge in growth

Tens of thousands of cannabis convictions to be dismissed in California

An inmate stands against a fence at the Adjustment Center yard. Source: AFP An American pilot program is attributed as the reason tens of thousands of inmates in California, many from ethnic minorities, will have cannabis convictions dismissed. More than 85,000 marijuana convictions, some going back decades, will be dismissed in California thanks to a pilot program that will mostly help minorities disproportionately targeted by law enforcement. "The dismissal of tens of thousands of old cannabis-related convictions in Los Angeles County will bring much-needed relief to communities of color that disproportionately suffered the unjust consequences of our nation's drug laws," Los Angeles County

Call for Australian government to introduce permit system for patients to grow medicinal cannabis

A Tasmanian woman suffering from Crohn's disease has called on the federal government to introduce a permit system which would allow patients to grow cannabis for medicinal use. In her submission to a Senate inquiry into barriers facing patients in accessing medicinal cannabis, Leone Harker said the current regulatory scheme was inadequate and patients should be able to grow their own cannabis plants. Ms Harker has suffered from Crohn's disease for 16 years and has not found relief from it through the use of conventional drugs, with one prescription resulting in her suffering a severe anaphylactic reaction. "After reading of other Crohn's disease patients regaining their health through the u

Medical cannabis user with MS 'livid' cannabis only legal for ACT

Medical cannabis has been widely available in Canada and parts of the US for some time now. (Getty) A multiple sclerosis sufferer is calling on cannabis to be legalised Australia-wide, saying exclusively limiting the ability to possess and grow the plant to residents from the ACT was a slap in the face for medical users across the country. Lee Brooks said he is furious residents in the ACT can legally possess up to 50 grams of cannabis and grow two plants, while he is left to depend on unreliable and expensive medical prescriptions or to face prison time in NSW for cultivating his own medicine. "I am absolutely livid that I have an incurable medical condition that can be assisted with

Legal cannabis a good step, but drug war hangover remains

As of Friday, cannabis is now legal for personal use in the ACT. It is a genuinely momentous act - especially when one considers the strong historical current the ACT is swimming against. A taxed and regulated cannabis sector is a win for government, entrepreneurs and community health. Picture: Shutterstock The regulation of drugs in in the 20th century can, with a small number of exceptions, be reduced to one word: criminalisation. Unfortunately, criminalising drugs - and, by extension, the people who use them - has, by every available measure, made things worse. Today in Australia, there are more types of drugs, more dangerous drugs, more drug use, and more fatal overdoses than when the wa

New green dawn: Advocates hope ACT's cannabis laws pave way for open market

Advocates have welcomed Canberra's contentious new cannabis regime, hoping it sparks a broader public discussion about drug law reform and paves the way for an open market for the substance. But critics have again sounded the alarm about the changes, warning of the harm they could cause to young Canberrans. Bayden Motte was among a small group cannabis advocates to gather outside the ACT Legislative Assembly on Friday morning to mark the commencement of the territory new drug laws. Friday marked the commencement of the territory's new cannabis laws, which allows adults to possess 50 grams of cannabis and grow two plants. A maximum of four plants per household is permitted. Smoking in publi

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