Legal cannabis in New Zealand? Kiwis are voting on more than just Jacinda Ardern today

New Zealand is putting the legalisation of cannabis to popular vote. (Unsplash: Thought Catalog) The moniker the Land of the Long White Cloud could soon take on a new meaning in New Zealand if its citizens vote to legalise recreational marijuana use in an overshadowed referendum this weekend. Key words: Uruguay and Canada are the only two countries to fully legalise smoking pot at a national level NZ's reform includes allowing Kiwis aged 20 and over to buy up to 14 grams of dried marijuana a day Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt's spokesperson says the Australian Government does not support legalising cannabis for recreational use It is the first time a country is putting the legalisation of

NZ cannabis referendum: More than 100 doctors back legalising recreational use

More than 100 doctors have come forward to put their names behind cannabis legalisation, in response to the New Zealand Medical Association's backtracking from opposing the bill to neutrality. Photo: 123RF They say they fear the Medical Association's decision to oppose the cannabis referendum and legalisation, without having consulted its members, could lead to the referendum failing. The NZMA only changed its stance to a neutral one after several doctors came forward to RNZ complaining about its stance, and NZMA chair Dr Kate Baddock admitted that it did not consider the proposed legislation before opposing the referendum. Dr Emma Clare, who has worked as a youth health GP, said many doctor

New Zealand health experts back reform of 'outdated' cannabis laws

Supporting legalisation of cannabis, they argue its use should be seen as a health issue ahead of referendum. New Zealand votes on legalising cannabis on 17 October. Photograph: Mladen Antonov/AFP/Getty Images Some of New Zealand’s most experienced public health experts have thrown their support behind legalising cannabis, a week out from the country’s general election. In an editorial in the New Zealand Medical Journal, specialists from the fields of addiction treatment, public health, health promotion and epidemiology have urged New Zealanders to tick yes in the referendum, days after a poll showed the vote on a knife-edge. The referendum is a “once-in-a-generation opportunity” to legalise

THC In Cannabis Could Help Prevent Fatal COVID-19 Complications

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO - JUNE 18, 2020: Marijuana plants seen during a camp outside the country's. BARCROFT MEDIA VIA GETTY IMAGES Researchers at the University of South Carolina say that THC might be an effective way to treat some potentially lethal COVID-19 complications. The researchers recently published the preliminary results of their study in a report in Frontiers in Pharmacology. In the study, which was performed on mice, researchers found that THC could prevent the harmful immune response that causes Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) and its enterotoxin, SEB. They also think that it could cause a significant increase in healthy lung bacteria. ARDS can potentially be fatal, and

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