April 26, 2016

The Ganga Faeries are gearing up for yet another Mardi Grass.

Organisers of this year’s Mardi Grass cannabis law reform protest in Nimbin believe they may finally have something to celebrate.

With states across Australia introducing legislation to allow for medicinal...

April 25, 2016

At the urging of Mexico, Guatemala and Colombia, world leaders met at the United Nations in a special session last week to discuss saner ways to fight the drug trade. They did not get very far toward a shift in approach. Nonetheless, there was a consensus that investin...

April 25, 2016

GOVERNMENT PROPOSAL: The maximum penalties for possessing, supplying and trafficking marijuana could rise if a proposed State Government amendment becomes law.

THE State Government has proposed that penalties for marijuana users and dealers should be the same for thos...

April 21, 2016

Workers process buds of marijuana in a medicinal cannabis farm, approved for medical use and under the supervision of the government's agricultural service during the harvest season between March and April in the town of Quinamavida in Linares city, Chile March 24, 201...

April 19, 2016

Inside Victoria's secret medicinal cannabis facility

Families have to wait until 2017 to access drug

Farmers are watching developments on the medicinal cannabis front with interest, but  have not rushed  the government asking to grow the drug.

President of...

April 19, 2016

Employees at Shango Cannabis shop sell legal recreational marijuana beginning at midnight in Portland, Oregon October 1, 2015.

Victoria is in a hurry to rollout medicinal cannabis as soon as possible so that parents won’t have to see their children suffer. They won’t...

April 19, 2016

A planted tray at the lab in a top secret Victorian location.

MEDICINAL cannabis has received $28.5 million from the State Government to fund the production in Victoria.

The multi-million injection will help establish the Office of Medicinal Cannabis and an Independe...

April 13, 2016

FRUSTRATED: Lanai and Lindsay Carter protested the delay in accessing his medicinal cannabis outside the Queensland Health Building last week.

LINDSAY Carter spent Good Friday in Logan hospital. The 17-year-old, who has a brain tumour, had suffered a major seizure.


April 13, 2016

Children with severe epilepsy will be given first access to medicinal cannabis from early 2017 following the passing of new laws in Victoria.

Victoria has become the first state to make medicinal cannabis available to people in exceptional circumstances, with the pass...

April 5, 2016

MORE TALK, MORE ACTION: Lyn Cleaver and Malcolm Amundsen want the government to consult with cannabis advocates.

MEDICINAL cannabis advocates say they are disappointed by the decision of state leaders to merely note the progress already made in increasing access to th...

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