Cannabis seized by ACT police. Picture: ACT Policing

ACT police have seized hydroponically grown cannabis while executing a search warrant at a Charnwood residence on Monday.

Police allegedly found six mature cannabis plants and two large bags of plant matter suspected t...

February 4, 2020

Medical cannabis has been widely available in Canada and parts of the US for some time now. (Getty)

A multiple sclerosis sufferer is calling on cannabis to be legalised Australia-wide, saying exclusively limiting the ability to possess and grow the plant to residents...

February 1, 2020

Advocates have welcomed Canberra's contentious new cannabis regime, hoping it sparks a broader public discussion about drug law reform and paves the way for an open market for the substance.

But critics have again sounded the alarm about the changes, warning of the ha...

January 31, 2020

ACT has become the first jurisdiction in Australia to legalise the personal use of cannabis after the new laws came into effect on Friday. 

For IT worker Evan*, his method of unwinding after work has been illegal up until now.

The Canberran public servant and has been us...

January 30, 2020

This weekend, some of us will be able to smoke cannabis legally for the first time. But the Prime Minister has issued a warning.

Plumes of cannabis smoke are forecast to rise out of the nation’s capital this weekend — when Australians will be able to legally smoke canna...

January 30, 2020

Prime Minister Scott Morrison says he "won't be partaking" when the ACT becomes the first Australian state where cannabis is legal on Saturday.

"I would expect federal law enforcement agencies to enforce the law": Prime Minister Scott Morrison

However Mr Morrison continu...

January 28, 2020

The new laws allow each person aged 18 and over to be in possession of no more than 50 grams of dried cannabis. (Image: Getty)

What about the federal laws?

Considerable uncertainty still exists over potential conflicts between these fresh ACT laws and federal laws that c...

January 13, 2020

Photo: Under the new laws, an adult can cultivate two plants but is unable to buy cannabis seeds. (Flickr: Will Power)

Cannabis will be legal in the ACT come the end of the month, but those hoping to light up might have to break the law to do so.

Key points:

  • Buying,...

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