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Malcolm Turnbull Says He Can't And Won't Issue A Medicinal Cannabis Amnesty

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull: 'It would be irresponsible to be giving a free-ranging amnesty over conduct that is against the law.' CANBERRA -- It may have sparked an unusual defection to One Nation and now become an unexpected flagstone for Pauline Hanson's party, but Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull insists his hands are tied over pleas for an amnesty for users and suppliers of medicinal cannabis. Hanson and the defector, former Queensland LNP minister Steve Dickson, are lobbying the Prime Minister on behalf of terminally-ill patients and are urging One Nation supporters to join in the effort. Turnbull and marijuana have history; in 2008 he became the first Liberal leader to admit to have smoked weed. While cannabis is generally illicit, medicinal cannabis has become legal in Australia, but not yet available for patients. Despite the legal change, Dickson was incensed by a police raid of a South Australian supplier of cannabis oil earlier thi