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Tasmania: Medicinal cannabis statement

Michael Ferguson.

The Controlled Access Scheme will be open this year, as we promised. There are Tasmanians who have ruled out participating in the trials, because of the chance of receiving a placebo.

Our scheme will allow them to be prescribed medicinal cannabis products by a specialist doctor under certain conditions, including peer review. It is important to note Labor was in Government for 16 years during which time Ms Giddings was both Health Minister and Premier and did absolutely nothing.

Contact details for Michael Ferguson? If you prefer to write to Michael Ferguson and voice your opinion regarding cannabis as medicine in Tasmania. Postal address is PO Box 537, Launceston 7250. Michael Ferguson's office phone number is (03) 6777 1032. Email: michael@michaelferguson.com http://michaelferguson.com/2017/01/medicinal-cannabis-2/

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