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Cumberland Hospital's global-first trial for cannabis users

March 25, 2017

Do you use cannabis and want to kick the habit?

Western Sydney Local Health District (WSLHD) wants to help.

The area health service is on the search for willing participants who want to trying to stop or reduce their cannabis use to take part in a global-first trial into cannabis dependence. 

The confidential study will explore the effectiveness of a new medication called Savitex. 

The study will be conducted at four clinical sites in NSW, including Western Sydney Drug Health at Cumberland Hospital in North Parramatta. 

Researchers hope to recruit 140 cannabis-dependent users aged 18-65 years who use cannabis on average four or more days a week, want to quit, have tried to quit but have been unsuccessful and are prepared to attend 13 weekly clinic visits and take medication as directed.

There is limited research using the western Sydney population for cannabis dependence, WSLHD drug health research officer and project coordinator Mary Luksza.

“We want to investigate the use of medication Sativex and explore its efficacy, safety and cost-effectiveness,” she said. 

“Our trial will also use psychosocial treatments such as counselling sessions where most patients tend to relapse within six months after conventional treatment. We hope our study produces a great outcome for people affected by cannabis addiction.” 

Information and support will be provided to participants to assist them in achieving abstinence.

- Details: Centre for Addiction Medicine, 8860 2565. 



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