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Rich Lister Barry Lambert may run for Senate to push for cannabis legalisation

Barry Lambert has backed medicinal cannabis which his family has used to treat his granddaughter, Katelyn. James Brickwood

Millionaire investor and philanthropist Barry Lambert plans to step away from all of his business commitments and may make a run for the Senate, as he ramps up his fight for the legalisation of medicinal cannabis in Australia.

Speaking to The Australian Financial Review, Mr Lambert said that while he never dreamt of becoming a "crime fighter" he was now "relishing the fight".

"I would run for Senate on the basis that medicinal cannabis needs to be legal. I wouldn't be aligned to any party, I'd run as an independent. I've got a huge following in the accounting profession, I'd be surprised if I couldn't win a Senate seat," he said.

Federal and state governments have announced plans to legalise the cultivation and sale of cannabis for approved medicinal use and several medicinal cannabis firms have listed on the ASX but in practice it remains virtually impossible f