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Easier access for medicinal cannabis prescriptions in SA

HEALTH: Chef Daniel Quigley, who suffers from scoliosis, says medicinal cannabis will help with his chronic back pain. STATE government announced on Sunday April 23 that patients will have easier access to prescribed medicinal cannabis products by their doctors. Medical practitioners will no longer need state approval to prescribe Schedule 8 medicinal cannabis in the first instance, with the decision to be made by a medical specialist in the best interest of their patient. State approval is still required when prescribing medicinal cannabis for longer than two months or to a patient already using a Schedule 8 drug.

The Office of Industrial Hemp and Medicinal Cannabis has been established by state government to help develop South Australia’s medicinal cannabis and industrial hemp industry. Acting Premier Kyam Maher said the Office of Industrial Hemp and Medicinal Cannabis will provide a single contact point for information and advice regarding these