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NOT A DRUGGO: Dad says he uses marijuana because of pain

CHRONIC PAIN: Shaune Frisk wih X Rays of his damaged spine. "IT'S not like I'm some horticulturist." Shaune Fisk wants people to understand that his drug-taking is a necessity. Mr Fisk was sentenced in Bundaberg Magistrates Court earlier this month for possession of marijuana. When asked whether he would attend a program to help him get clean, Mr Fisk answered: "No." The reason, he says, is debilitating pain - an agony so relentless the 45-year-old has been prescribed daily 120mg doses of morphine. Mr Fisk says he isn't a druggo, he has "half a dozen cones a day" to help ease his pain as the effects of the morphine wear off. The pain is the result of a car crash 15 years ago when Mr Fisk was living in Western Australia. He had just attended a wedding and admits he should have stayed the night when he got in the car and drove away. "It was miles and miles of straight road," he said. "I must have had one of those micro-sleeps when I went down an eight-foot embankment and up a 12-foot embankment." His car nose-dived and flipped, narrowly missing two large trees. A branch came through the windscreen and speared Mr Fisk in the leg while a friend was unharmed. With matters before the fam