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First medical cannabis crop harvested in Vic

Last year Victoria made history when it became the first state to legalise medicinal cannabis.

Now the first commercially produced cannabis plants are being harvested and Sky News was given an exclusive look inside the Melbourne factory.

Peter Crock, CEO Cann Group says they are the first to be licensed in Australia and the only company to be issued a permit under that license.

'We were the first to be issued with a research license first at the end of February and then at the end of the first week of March we received the medicinal cannabis license for this facility,' he said.

Mr Crock says security is of high priority.

'The pockets are sewn up. We definitely don't allow any samples to come out of the facility,' he said.

'Cannabis is highly divertible and the office of drug control is really concerned that we're able to show at any time if a breach has occurred.' Part owned by a Canadian company, Cann group is hoping to use its first-mover advantage to corner the Australia market. 'We expect that there are going to be other players come in. We're more focused on sticking to our knitting and ensuring we can deliver and have proven capabilities.' Maria Pisani who has suffered from Epilepsy for 38 years says she will do anything to help epilepsy research . 'I like supporting any research and anything that's going to help other people with epilepsy,' she told Sky News. 'For so many years I've been on different mixes of medications . They're effective for years and then sometimes they start to be less effective and the dosage might be increased which can help or can just cause you to be drowsy.' Victoria's Law Reform Council will next consider whether patients with Aids, MS or chronic pain can be get access to cannabis. Originally published here: http://www.skynews.com.au/news/national/vic/2017/08/19/first-medical-cannabis-crop-harvested-in-vic.html

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