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Man charged with supplying 'legally grown' cannabis

Marijuana. underworld111 A DEED done in good faith for a friend suffering from a painful disease has landed an ACT man in a Gladstone courtroom. Milan Pero Tomljenovic is set to face the Gladstone Magistrates Court on charges of possessing and attempting to supply dangerous drugs, after police alleged he delivered nearly half a kilogram of cannabis into Gladstone from another state. Defence lawyer Cassandra Ditchfield appeared on Mr Tomljenovic's behalf this week, and said her client intended to plead guilty to the charges. She said her client had grown plants legally in the Australia Capital Territory. However he also harvested 460 grams worth of leaf and stem from his plants, which he brought into Gladstone to deliver to a friend suffering from cancer. She told the courtroom that while it was a hefty amount of cannabis - it was poor quality and the quantity seized contained no "bud". "There's no real value in the leaf and stems," Ms Ditchfield said. "It is mostly used in the production of baked goods or cannabis oil - both used to treat pain - for which his friend intended to use it for." The date and facts police will allege the offending occurred were not disclosed in court as Mr Tomljenovic has yet to appear. He will appear on the next occasion