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CEO of cannabis firm Cann's return from death's door

Cann Group chief executive Peter Crock had a remarkable recovery after being told he would almost certainly die from cancer. Supplied "It's a miracle I'm still here. There's no other way to describe it." Peter Crock, the chief executive of medicinal cannabis company Cann Group has been at the helm of one of the best performing floats of 2017, but in the lead-up to the ASX listing went through a private hell that he wouldn't wish upon anyone. It was late November 2016 and a persistent cough and a general feeling of listlessness was troubling him. It was found to be whooping cough, but further tests brought grim news. Mr Crock was diagnosed with melanoma, the type of skin cancer familiar to most Australians but it had already spread to his liver, lungs and spine. He was in deep strife. "You're in a diabolical position," were the chilling words from his doctor. About 50 lesions had been discovered on his liver and the prognosis was extremely dire with his doctor being very frank. "He didn't expect me to make Christmas last year," Mr Crock tells The Australian Financial Review. He lost 15 kilograms of weight in four weeks and was sleeping 14 hours a day in December 2016. Just six months earlier he had been appointed chief executive of Cann Group with backers including former Nufarm chief executive Doug Rathbone. Cann's chairman is Allan M