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Ecofibre and medical cannabis: an interview with Barry Lambert

Medical cannabis saved a six-year-old girl with Dravet Syndrome called Katelyn. A rare but severe form of epilepsy which affects children, Dravet Syndrome gave Katelyn a 16 percent chance of dying each year. It would eventually take away here ability to walk, talk and feed herself. Katelyn’s grandparents are Barry and Joy Lambert. The sold their company Count Financial for $373 million in 2011, and Barry is a well-known investor. “Katelyn was born with a gene mutation – Dravet Syndrome. It manifests itself after about 6 months with severe and numerous seizures. It is said to be catastrophic, intractable and incurable,” said Barry. “Our son searched the net and found a girl in America with a similar condition who had dramatic results from a Hemp/CBD plant known as Charlotte’s Web. Our son ordered some Hemp extract from overseas and gave some to Katelyn with dramatic and immediate effect.” According to Barry, this didn’t quite eliminate all her seizures. She now takes a product called ‘anadahemp.com’, from the Australian company Ecofibre. They are a company who provide hemp-based products which are legal in the US and after it helped his granddaughter, B