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US companies trick Australians into buying their medicinal cannabis

​​​​​​​The TGA has raised the alarm about false claims.

Medicinal cannabis patients are being targeted by US companies that falsely claim the TGA wants them to supply cannabidiol (CBD products).

The TGA has warned that US companies are illegally exporting CBD and hemp products to Australian patients on the back of false and misleading claims.

At least one company claims it has been invited to register its CBD products on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) to help meet to growing demand, the TGA says.

The company goes on to state it will have its products registered with the TGA “very quickly”.

The company’s claims imply its products are safe and effective and have been approved for use by the TGA.

The products being pushed on Australia patients are not approved in the US and would be unlikely to be approved here, the TGA says.

Pharmacist and industry consultant Kos Sclavos has previously warned that many patients are turning to illegal supply of cannabis products. Originally published here: https://www.pharmacynews.com.au/news/us-companies-trick-australians-buying-their-medicinal-cannabis

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