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A.Katelaris: "Cannabis is a blessing to humanity"

In Australia Andrew Katelaris has been advocating the benefits of cannabis for decades. His strong support and "high risk" strategies drew a lot of positive and negative attention. Caused him to loose his license and even be jailed for producing and supplying cannabis oil to children with epilepsy. In the latest case he represented himself at court and by the end of the trial the jury decided to acquit him of all charges. On that occasion he spoke to SBS and Emma Papaemmanouel. He believes that cannabis is a blessing for humanity and that both its cultivation and use must be again legalized as it was for thousands of years. In 1988 Dr Andrew Katelaris initially researched the industrial uses of hemp. Trying to find an alternative source of paper that wouldn't require the cutting of trees. In 1994 he got involved in the production of a documentary called "Billion dollar crop". Screen Australia describes it as : "A film about cannabis or hemp as it is also known and its potential industrial and agricultural uses. The film reveals the conspiracies behind the original prohibition of cannabis. It investigates the prejudices surrounding