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Should Canberra allow cannabis-growing clubs to be set up?

A drug researcher has suggested the cannabis bill be amended to allow social growing clubs to be set up. Credit: Rohan Thomson Cannabis-smoking Canberrans should be able to join clubs where gardeners can cultivate their cannabis crops for them, a Legislative Assembly inquiry has been told. Labor backbencher Michael Pettersson's private member's bill would legalise cannabis possession under 50 grams and allow users to grow up to four plants. The government has foreshadowed amendments to the legislation that would allow only two plants to be grown up to a household limit of four plants, and introduce wet and dry limits for the drug. Mr Pettersson told an Assembly inquiry into his bill on Tuesday allowing people to grow their own supply would stop them coming into contact with drug dealers who "have a commercial imperative to push harder and more addictive substances on their clients". "If we did have to pinpoint a particular point of the process that causes the most harm for the individual that would be the interaction with drug dealers," Mr Pettersson said. However, he also said that because there was no way to legalise supply under the Commonwealth's drug traf