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The 'Thailand twist': How a WA man believes he can secure legal medical cannabis year-round

West Australian man Jim Plamondon claims to have found a loophole to legally import medicinal cannabis into Australia.

The former Busselton resident said he used the Therapeutic Goods Administration Traveller's Exemption to bypass Australian bureaucracy, and claims to be the first Australian to have succeeded at the feat.

Mr Plamandon said he successfully brought Thai-prescribed cannabis products into WA to treat his chronic pain on April 8.

West Australian man Jim Plamondon says his success bringing medicinal cannabis to Australia under the TGA's Traveller's Exemption, opens the doors for Australians to source medicinal cannabis. overseas.

As he landed at Perth Airport Mr Plamondon, who usually resides in Thailand, said he ticked the box on his arrival card stating he was bringing "goods that may be prohibited or subject to restrictions".