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Medical cannabis user with MS 'livid' cannabis only legal for ACT

Medical cannabis has been widely available in Canada and parts of the US for some time now. (Getty) A multiple sclerosis sufferer is calling on cannabis to be legalised Australia-wide, saying exclusively limiting the ability to possess and grow the plant to residents from the ACT was a slap in the face for medical users across the country. Lee Brooks said he is furious residents in the ACT can legally possess up to 50 grams of cannabis and grow two plants, while he is left to depend on unreliable and expensive medical prescriptions or to face prison time in NSW for cultivating his own medicine. "I am absolutely livid that I have an incurable medical condition that can be assisted with medicinal cannabis and while people [from the ACT] can grow their own, I go to jail if I do that," he told nine.com.au.