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Cannabis medicine could help stop insomnia, researchers hope

March 14, 2020


Cannabis-based medicine is being tested as a more "natural" remedy to help fight insomnia.


Jodie Buddle says she's tried everything else to help her sleep.


"Sometimes I don't sleep at all, sometimes I'll have two hours broken sleep," she said.


"The maximum I've had is five hours."

Insomnia affects one in 10 adult Australians. (9News)


She says she's tried melatonin, natural products, avoiding phones and screens at night - but nothing's worked.


Ms Buddle is not alone, with one in 10 Australian adults struggling to have quality sleep.


The Woolcock Institute of Medical Research has partnered with the Lambert initiative to trial a new medicine containing two chemicals from the cannabis plant.


The oil drops, placed under the tongue, contain a tiny amount of THC - which has sedating effects - and CBD, which has anti-anxiety properties.

A new medicine developed from cannabis could offer new hope. (9News)


The medication is being investigated using in-depth brain-wave analysis.


Patients aged between 35 and 60 are being recruited for the tests. They'll be given the drug and a placebo over two different nights.


Their cognition and driving performance will also be assessed.


Find out more about the study here.

Originally published here: https://www.9news.com.au/national/cannabis-medicine-insomnia-trial-patients-sought/8c9eda37-1090-4bfa-bcf7-c622d98b25ff


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