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Medical Cannabis spray has success in COVID-19 clinical trial

MGC Pharma's anti-inflammatory medicine is a safe treatment for COVID-19 patients: Getty Images

MGC Pharma’s medical spray has success in COVID-19 clinical trial

Two clinical trials show MGC Pharmaceuticals’ (ASX:MXC) medical spray is a safe and effective anti-inflammatory treatment for patients with COVID-19.

Statistically significant results from the clinical trial demonstrate that MGC’s anti-inflammatory medicine meet US Federal Drug Administration guidelines for COVID-19 treatments, the company said.

The phase-two clinical outcome is consistent with an earlier pre-clinical study that showed patients treated with MGC’s anti-inflammatory medicine had a reduction in their immune system’s inflammatory response to the virus, known as a cytokine storm.

“We are very pleased with the phase-two interim results of the medicine which have so far met al