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Police Raid Alaska Cannabis Club Owned By Charlo Greene, Anchorage TV Anchor Who Quit On-Air


Police in Anchorage, Alaska, raided the cannabis club owned by Charlo Greene, the TV reporter who famously quit her job on-air last year. Officers Friday searched the Alaska Cannabis Club for evidence of illegal pot sale and seized bongs, pipes, drugs, computers, a Dodge Dakota and a Jeep Liberty. Alaska has legalized the recreational use of cannabis but not the sale of it.

“[It’s] very important that people don't try to jump the gun until the state sets our other rules and protocols for the sale and commercialization of cannabis,” Anchorage Police spokeswoman Jennifer Castro told the Associated Press. The search warrant named Greene, real name Charlene Egbe, and her boyfriend, Peter Lomonaco.

But Greene said the club doesn’t sell pot -- it’s just a place for people to use it. Five people with medical cannabis cards live at the club, which had 25 plants in its two duplexes. "I'm not surprised, but I am disappointed," she told the Alaska Dispatch News. No arrests were made, but she added she intended to “sue the s---- out of the city.”

Greene, a popular marijuana activist, has run into issues before. She made headlines in September when she revealed on live TV that she owned the club and intended to advocate for pot’s legalization. “As for this job,” she said before walking off screen, “well, not that I have a choice but: F--- it. I quit.”

In January, Greene was evicted from the Kodiak Bar and Grill, where she had planned to throw a party for the club. Neighbors said she had been belligerent in the past and refused to let officials inspect the property for working fire sprinklers, arguing that it was her residence. KTUU, Anchorage, reported Greene represented herself in court.

She responded in a similar, feisty manner Friday: Greene told reporters the club would now “give free cannabis to all our members.” If you want the right to grow your own cannabis and to be able to obtain cannabis legally here in Australia then please SHARE. #BringBackCannabisMedicine

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