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Willie Nelson smokes cannabis at White House


US country music singer Willie Nelson has confessed to smoking cannabis on the roof of the White House in the 1970s.

The singer/songwriter and longtime cannabis advocate makes the confession in his new memoir, It's A Long Story, which was released on Tuesday.

In the tome, Nelson recalls the 1977 incident, which happened after he spent a brief stint behind bars in the Bahamas for cannabis possession when then-President Jimmy Carter invited Nelson to the White House to thank the singer for his support.

Following a dinner with the US leader, Nelson claims he was taken to the roof of the Washington, DC residence by a "White House insider" to see the city views at night.

Nelson alleges that the unnamed insider offered him a joint, and said, "Getting stoned on the roof of the White House, you can't help but turn inward ... Certain philosophical questions come to mind, like... how the f*** did I get here?"

The singer-songwriter also writes about his passion for cannabis, calling it a loyal drug, which "has never betrayed me. Unlike booze, it had never made me nasty or violent. Unlike cocaine, it never sped me up or fired up my ego." If you want the right to grow your own cannabis and to be able to obtain cannabis legally here in Australia then please SHARE. #BringBackCannabisMedicine

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