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Ironman and Terminator stuntman claims: "Cannabis oil cured me of cancer"

Mark Chavarria, 46, who has appeared in Ironman, Inception, and films from the Terminator franchise, was diagnosed with the disease in September 2013


Cured: Mark Chavarria beat his stage four colon cancer and credits cannabis oil

A Hollywood stuntman claims he has managed to cure his stage four colon cancer by using cannabis oil.

Mark Chavarria, 46, who has appeared in big budget films including Ironman, Inception, and the Terminator franchise, was diagnosed with the disease in September 2013.

The daredevil had been suffering symptoms for many years, but it took his childhood sweetheart Alyssa to threaten divorce before he would seek help.

He discovered the disease had taken over his body, with tumours consuming nearly 70 percent of his colon, as well as infiltrating his liver.

At first the Texan tried chemotherapy and radiation therapy and was on a cocktail of medicine to enable him to use the toilet without suffering agony.

Mark-Chavarria -.jpg

Stuntman: Mark Chavarria has appeared in films from the Terminator to Inception

He told High Times: "The chemo and radiation was so intense. I’ve been doing stunts for over 20 years, so I know what pain is, I’ve been lit on fire, I’ve flipped cars, I’ve gone out windows, I’ve fought a lot of people, but this was the extreme of extreme pain.”

It was then that a high school friend of his suggested he tried medicinal marijuana and, after his wife had done the research, he was persuaded to try it.

The father of one started taking the cannabis oil in December 2013 and in June 2014 he woke up one morning feeling as though the cancer was gone.

At his next checkup, the doctor did not see any presence of tumors, only scar tissue from the radiation.

Doctors put his recovery down to chemotherapy, but insists it was the cannabis oil that had saved him.

He added: "What I believe happens with the oil is it makes like a shellac on the tumors, and it doesn’t let it grow; doesn’t let it breathe; doesn’t let it eat… nothing. I think it was slowly, but surely, peeling away at the tumors like an onion."

He is now planning to make a documentary, called Way To Go FECO about his experiences and to promote medicinal marijuana.

However experts are advising cancer sufferers desparate to try cannabis oil to be careful, especially as it is illegal in the UK and much of the US.

Dr Kat Arney, Cancer Research UK’s science communications manager, told the Mirror: “We know that cannabinoids – the active chemicals found in cannabis – can have a range of different effects on cancer cells grown in the lab and animal tumours.

“But at the moment there isn’t good evidence from clinical trials to prove that they can safely and effectively treat cancer in patients.

"Despite this, we are aware some cancer patients do choose to treat themselves with cannabis extracts. These stories can help build a picture of whether these treatments are helping or not, although this is weak compared to clinical trials.“

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