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Cannabis key for cancer treatment

Kerryn Stamation from Irymple says legislation which would allow her terminally ill husband Bill to be treated with medicinal cannabis oil should have been introduced by the Victorian government years ago.

Kerryn Stamation, second from right, with son Jorgi, husband Bill and daughter Kassi. says medicinal cannabis would be a natural way of relieving the pain associated with her husband’s terminal cancer. Victorian Health Minister, Jill Hennessy said earlier this month the government would introduce a Bill into parliament by the end of the year to legalise the use of medicinal cannabis in exceptional circumstances. Bill Stamation was diagnosed with terminal gastric and liver cancer, seventeen months ago and was given six to 12 weeks to live. His wife Kerryn said since the 57-year-old was diagnosed with cancer in April last year, his treatment, which has included chemotherapy, meant he has been pumped with all sorts of chemicals. But she said the fact he is a soccer coach and physically fit has helped him deal with the disease. She said the use of cannabis oil, which was a natural product, would be far better for his healing and also help alleviate his pain than the use of chemicals. Ms Stamation said in the United States it had already proved beneficial to some cancer patients. She said her husband was presently receiving treatment at the Mildura Base Hospital for three infections he had developed on September 12, which was their 23rd wedding anniversary.

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