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Cannabis Could Literally Replace These 5 Prescription Drugs

A new study published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Review found that people are increasingly substituting prescription medication, alcohol, and illicit drugs with cannabis, signaling a shift in the public's understanding of marijuana's medicinal benefits. Of the 473 adult cannabis users surveyed by the Centre for Addictions Research of British Columbia, more than 86 percent of respondents reported giving up one or more of the substances for pot, with the majority (80.6 percent) forgoing pharmaceuticals for the non-toxic alternative. Those under 40 were also more likely to substitute all three for cannabis, demonstrating its dynamic appeal for both recreational and medical purposes. RELATED: Here's What Marijuana Does to Pain People suffering from chronic pain might be particularly inclined to use cannabis instead of prescription medication in light of recent studies that establish its effectiveness at treating pain, improving the quality of patients' lives, and posing no risk of serious adverse side effects. But there are numerous studies that support the idea of marijuana as a safer, more effective alternative to dangerous, addictive pills for a range of illnesses.Here are five prescription medications that could be replaced by cannabis.1.

1. Vicodin (painkillers)

2. Xanax (anti-anxiety medication)

3. Adderall (stimulants)

4. Ambien (sleep aids)

5. Zoloft (antidepressants)

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