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Nimbin prepares for annual cannabis protest

The Ganga Faeries are gearing up for yet another Mardi Grass. Organisers of this year’s Mardi Grass cannabis law reform protest in Nimbin believe they may finally have something to celebrate. With states across Australia introducing legislation to allow for medicinal cannabis, the annual pot protest is expected to be a major case of ‘we told you so’. ‘Seems the hippies aren’t so stupid after all,’ organisers said. A feature of this year’s festival will be the screening of a locally produced documentary that was filmed during last year’s Mardi Grass gathering. The film was made in response to the ‘ludicrious’drug policy situation in Australia and particularly NSW. ‘The laws we have now are currently doing more harm than good and people’s lives are being severely disrupted when they come into contact with the criminal justice system,’ the filmmakers said. ‘The current drug laws are not based on fact, evidence or research and are based on a fear campigin imported from USA in the 1930’s called ” Reefer Madness”. The current debate on medical cannabis is slow and torturous, again people are suffering while policy makers drag their heels and won’t listen to the overwhelming research and evidence. The film, Reefer Madness 11 The people vs the law, provides a historical and current look at the war on cannabis in Australia. ‘The film explores medical cannabis, economic and social impacts of current drug policy and the benefits of legalisation and the pathway to it,’ The fim will premiere at the Nimbin Bush Theatre on Friday (29 April) at 10.30pm. Meanwhile, festival organisers will once again be focusing on the medicinal qualities of cannabis. ‘Fact is if you support prohibition of cannabis you support millions of people being denied access to a simple remedy that ends so much pain and suffering. ‘Cannabis is amazing for children also as they are so sensitive to herbs. ‘Not just epilepsy but all sorts of autism, brain tumors, defects and disabilities. ‘Families are being tortured by prohibition. And so are millions of adults…… in jail, or just a criminal record, or broke and homeless just to pay for the medicine that keeps them sane. ‘People are being driven mad by prohibition, by the lies, by the misunderstandings, the propaganda and lies that have spread like cane toads.’ Meanwhile, organisers have issued a warning for people attending the Mardi Grass gathering to be aware that police will probably be conducting drug saliva tests on the roads in and out of Nimbin. ‘Be careful driving to MardiGrass. Spit testing drivers searching for traces of cannabis is how desperate they’ve become,’ oganisers said. http://www.echo.net.au/2016/04/nimbin-prepares-for-annual-cannabis-protest/

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