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Man nabbed with cannabis claims “pain relief”

A FINGAL MAN, who was caught carrying cannabis and oxycotin at Fingal Road on Saturday, told police he’d found the prescription medications and the cannabis was for pain relief.

But neither excuse would fly with the Kingscliff Police officers who promptly arrested the 32-year-old and charged him with possessing prohibited drugs and possessing a prescribed restricted substance.

A police report said it was about 3.15pm on Saturday, December 3, when the officers were patrolling along Fingal Road, Fingal. The officers sighted a 32-year-old man and another man loitering in the area.

Police said they had cause to search the men and the 32-year-old man was found to have the two prohibited drugs in his clothing and carry bag.

The man had in his possession about 11 grams of cannabis, and further amounts of oxycotin and other restricted medications that require a prescription to possess. The man claimed to police that he had just found the bag, and the cannabis was for pain relief.

The man was placed under arrest and taken to Tweed Heads Police Station.

The man was released upon being issued a court attendance notice where he can plead his case before a Magistrate at Tweed Heads Local Court on Monday, December 12.

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