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Hundreds rally for medicinal cannabis

HUNDREDS of medical cannabis supporters banded together to call on the State Government for further deregulation of the drug, following the recent raid on Hillier supplier Jenny Hallam’s property. Among the 300 people who attended the “peaceful march” at Adelaide’s Parliament House, last Saturday, were guest speakers Greens MP Tammy Franks, Dignity for Disability MP Kelly Vincent Party and high-profile cannabis lobbyist Dianah Meeglitch. Rally organiser Suzy Horne said it was “inspiring” to see so much support for the drug, which she believes has “saved many lives”. “I know it affects a lot of people, but I was astounded at the demographic of people, from old to young,” she said. “People from balconies were singing out support – no-one said anything negative. “It’s inspiring to see that this issue affects so many people. “We are showing the support of people more and more.” After protesting at Parliament House, the group marched on to nearby Rymill Park, where many shared their experiences during an open microphone session. “We need to start talking about it and breaking through the stigma. We are not criminals and we shouldn’t be ashamed,” she said. “There’s people out there waiting to have their forms signed, so they can start growing and making the medicine. This isn’t something the Government should be waiting to do.” “It’s not really about the cannabis anymore, it’s about our Government turning around and saying to the people: ‘It doesn’t matter if your child or loved one is dying, we are not going to help you’.” Another rally is planned for February 25 at the River Torrens.

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