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Tasmanian Labor: Hodgman Government fails on medicinal cannabis

Bryan Green. - Three years on and the Government delivers nothing on medicinal cannabis

- No Tasmanians involved in New South Wales trial despite promises

- Tasmanian Liberals completely lacking compassion Shadow Attorney-General Lara Giddings has condemned the Liberal Government for inaction and broken promises over medicinal cannabis. “This is yet another example of a government that talks big on important issues like medicinal cannabis and then delivers nothing,” Ms Giddings said. “There are Tasmanians suffering from serious illnesses who have been given false hope by the Hodgman Government. “More than 12 months ago the Government promised Tasmanians they would be able to participate in a New South Wales trial. “The reality is no Tasmanians are part of the trial. The MOU isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. “Here we are, 3 years into the Hodgman Liberal Government, and all Tasmanians have been given on medicinal cannabis are hollow promises. “It’s time for the Premier and his Health Minister Michael Ferguson to stop blaming others and to take action themselves. “There are Tasmanian families with seriously sick kids who need the hope that medicinal cannabis can offer them. “It’s heartbreaking for those patients out there who want to do the right thing by the law and access it legally and safely. “But because of the lack of progress by this government, they are being forced onto the black market, where quality cannot be assured, in order to try to keep their children or partner or themselves alive. “The Hodgman Government completely lacks compassion. “Will Hodgman and Michael Ferguson have let Tasmanians down disgracefully. “Now is not the time for more talk – now is the time for action.” http://taslabor.com/hodgman-government-fails-medicinal-cannabis/

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