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Time is money for King of Cannabis Nevil Schoenmakers and his hot pot stock Stemcell United

World-renowned cannabis breeder Nevil Schoenmakers. Photo: Supplied The Singaporean investors behind alleged medicinal cannabis stock, Stem Cell United, have finally announced how they will reward the man - King of Cannabis, Nevil Schoenmakers - who has given the stock one hell of a high since it announced his appointment as a strategic adviser. It is giving him 10 million shares, with escrow arrangements stretching from 90 days to 12 months, plus a $5,000 per month advisory fee.

The stock will give Schoenmakers a four per cent stake in the company. But given the gyrations over the last week following the company's announcement that it is hoping to enter the medicinal cannabis market - with Schoenmakers to guide them - what his stock would be worth a year from now is anybody's guess. The day before the announcement, his 10 million shares would have been worth $130,000. 40 hours later those shares would have peaked in value at $10.85 million. The stock had another big fall on Monday, but Schoenmakers' stake is still clinging to the million-plus mark. It could be a long, long year.

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