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4yo disabled boy safe, parents won’t be charged after amber alert

A quadriplegic four-year-old boy has been found safe and has been released into his family’s care, after Queensland Police issued an amber alert yesterday when his parents took him from an appointment at a Brisbane hospital. Chase Walker’s parents, Jacinda Walker and Marc Steven, have blasted police, Child Services and Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital, posting many emotional videos to social media claiming authorities lied about Chase’s medical situation and the family has been failed by the system. "Australia, stand up, everyone, this is beyond a joke," Ms Walker said last night, after Chase was found and taken back to hospital. "My son isn't in any danger, he has not lost any weight, he is stable, his stats are completely fine, and now they want to take my child and keep him in overnight with police standing there waiting around. "I'm overwhelmed with the fact that people can just stand there and watch a mother heartbreaking in tears, and try to protect her own, and they say we've got to listen to the doctors." The anti-vax parents claim Chase was born with cerebral palsy, but his condition worsened after receiving vaccinations. They say conventional medical treatment, including formula he was fed at hospital, has done their son further harm. They’ve also been vocal proponents for using cannabis oil to treat Chase’s seizures. Police said they were contacted by staff at Lady Cilento Hospital Thursday, who advised them Chase’s parents had left with Chase before he could receive necessary medical treatment. “The parents have custody of the child, and the hospital staff and experts say the child needs medical attention,” Acting Detective Inspector Grant Ralston from the Logan police said yesterday. “I can’t answer why the parents didn’t obtain that yesterday and took the child from the hospital, but the hospital is requesting the child be returned.” When police couldn’t locate the family, they issued an amber alert, asking for public assistance in finding the boy.
Yesterday afternoon, police located Ms Walker in New South Wales after a tip-off from the public. She cooperated with police, and advised them her son and his father were at a different location in Newcastle. Police then issued a final update, saying Chase was found safe and was on his way to John Hunter Hospital for treatment. In a Facebook post, Ms Walker shared the original amber alert and wrote, “Queensland police I will never trust anything you say… I really can’t believe you can LIE ABOUT THIS KIND OF STUFF.. Corruption committee HERE I COME…” The boy was found to be in satisfactory condition and was later released from hospital into the care of his parents. Several Facebook Live videos were posted to Ms Walker’s and Mr Steven’s accounts, where the pair blasted authorities with claims of lies and corruption. “This has been a living nightmare,” Mr Steven said as the family drove home from hospital last night. “Everyone who knows us knows we do a good job for Chase. We had an amber alert for a quadriplegic disabled child in the loving care of his parents, that is loved and looked after.” The couple claimed they took their son to a specialist appointment, which they booked on their own initiative, but instead of listening to their concerns, doctors from Child Services came to assess their son, and threatened to take him by force “if you don’t comply.” The parents blasted authorities for corruption, and said the hospital “went after us” because they had evidence of negligence and malpractice relating to Chase’s care. Police said no charges are likely to be laid. “We were primarily concerned with the welfare of the child,” Det Insp Ralston said.

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