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MardiGrass passes around its program

ENTHRALLED: The entranced crowd at the Nimbin MardiGrass Hemp Olympix. Protest THE MardiGrass Parade is the main event for the 25th consecutive annual Rally for Cannabis Law Reform and begins at the exit of the western car park, across the road from the Community Centre Market. Led by the Widjibal Elders of the Bunjalung Nation, with children holding the Koori flag, the parade will make its way south along Cullen street to the Police Station where it will turn left and head down past the Greenbank into Sativa Stadium for the Cannabis Law Reform Rally, speeches and MardiGrass Float Prize presentations. Educate The international line-up of speakers at this year's HEMPOSIUM includes Dr David Bearman who first spoke at the 2015 Hemposium. This year he will talk on the topic of Cannabis and cancer, as well as exploring why cannabinoids work for PTSD, ADHD, and Endocannabinoid Deficiency conditions. Dr Bearman is one of the most clinically knowledgeable physicians in the U.S. in the field of medicinal marijuana. Sita von Windheim first attended MardiGrass in 2010. This year Sita will provide a root extraction demonstration, as well as share the benefits and use of Cannabis infused suppositories. From Canada, come Robert Laurie, lawyer, writer and speaker. He is a former Board Advisor to the Canadian Association of Medical Cannabis Dispensaries (CAMCD). For the 2017 Hemposium, Rob will talk about the importance of the Canadian Charter of Rights to Cannabis legalization in Canada, and explore whether Australians need a Charter of our own. Returning to MardiGrass 2017 from Vancouver, Ajia Mae Moon will share ways to protect your family while fighting for Cannabis freedom. Since the closure of her dispensary (Three Happy Cats) Ajia has focused on Carl Martel, a Canadian hemp farmer and developer of industrial hemp products, is also working on Hemp based Graphene which is 100s of times stronger than steel, flexible and can carry electrical current very efficiently. There will also be many Australasian based post-prohibition proponents and cannabis experts including: Arik Reiss, documentary film maker from New Zealand, Fiona Patten [Sex Party MLC Victoria], David Shoebridge [Greens MLC NSW], Glenn Druery [Political Strategist], Derryn Hinch [Justice Party Senator Victoria], Andrew Kavasilas [HEMP Party], Tony Bower [Mullaways Medical Cannabis], Andrew "Dr Pot” Katelaris, Martin Ernegg [Hemp Fibre Fusion], Steve Bolt [Bolt, Findlay Solicitors], Damon Adams, Wayne Wadsworth [Health Farms International], Dr Deb Waldron, Paul Taylor [Trust Nature], Ben Grose [Levi Foundation], Glen Ossy-Orley, David Leyonhjelm [Liberal Democrats Senator]. Celebrate Hemp Olympix on Saturday and Sunday - Recreational Versus Medical Pot Users - The Big Hemp Rope! - Bong Throw & Yell - Entrants throw a bongas far as possible whilst yelling "free the Weed” - Joint Rolling competition at The Nimbin Town Hall.

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