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Olivia Newton-John's cancer battle is going well... Thanks to cannabis oil!

Chloe appeared on the news yesterday to discuss her mum (Credit: Channel 7/ The Morning Show) Olivia Newton-John's daughter Chloe Lattanzi has revealed that cannabis oil is helping her recover from cancer Fans everywhere were devastated when Olivia Newton-John revealed that her cancer had returned. The Grease star announced the return of her cancer in May, being forced to postpone her US and Canada tour as the cancer has now spread to other areas of her body. Olivia's daughter, Chloe Lattanzi, revealed that her mother would be trying alternative courses of medicine - including cannabis oil to try and treat her.

Chloe and Olivia are very close friends as well as being mother and daughter (Credit: Instagram/ therealonj) And it sounds like it's doing the trick! Chloe, 31, appeared on The Morning Show yesterday to discuss her mum's prognosis, revealing that she is doing "wonderful". The model and actress stressed that her mother's positive attitude was working wonders, along with the different types of medicine she was trying. She said: "She's doing wonderful. Her and I, we both think positive... She's taken care of herself and she's getting stronger every day. "She's doing really, really well." Chloe, Olivia's only child, owns a legal marijuana farm in Oregon with her fiancé, and discussed how effective the cannabis oil had been. She said: "She's using it, it inhibits cancer cell growth. It's an amazing plant and I'm much more for natural medicine than I am for traditional western (medicine). "I think a combination of both is good. My mum and I more lean towards the natural remedies." We're glad to hear Olivia is on the mend! Originally published here:

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