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Olivia Newton-John Comments On Local Court Case

Olivia Newton-John has slammed the decision to charge an Adelaide woman with drug offences for supplying medicinal cannabis.

“I think that’s criminal,” Olivia told Alan Hickey. “It should be decriminalised for a start because she’s being compassionate -- it’s all about being compassionate and kind.”

“I was horrified to read that they’ve taken away the rights of palliative care patients to get access to cannabis. They’re dying and there was some silly comment made that they were going to be bringing suitcases in -- they can’t even move, poor people.

“We need to change the thinking. People need to educate themselves on the good values of medicinal cannabis.

“It’s been very helpful for me with pain.

“It’s a maligned plant that has a silly reputation from many years ago, but it’s a very healing plant…

“It’s helping many illnesses, not only cancer -- children with epilepsy, MS, Parkinson’s, all kinds of things.” LISTEN:

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