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Woman sick of drug dealers, grows her own instead

Rochelle Joy Colenso was sentenced after pleading guilty to producing marijuana in Maroochydore District Court. A SUPPORTIVE boyfriend and his drug user girlfriend have landed themselves in front of a judge after embarking on a marijuana growing venture together. When police searched a Tewantin home which Rochelle Joy Colenso, 27, and Luke William Lentz, 34, shared in April, they were faced with a hydroponic marijuana operation with about 10 plants, which weighed 81 grams with seeds removed. A further 25 seedlings were found in a grow tent, weighing 37 grams with seeds removed. Police also found a "large quantity" of marijuana in excess of 10kgs being dried. The pair pleaded guilty to single counts producing marijuana, possession of marijuana in excess of 500g and possession of thing used in commission of a crime in Maroochydore District Court today. While it was contended the enterprise was for personal use to feed Colenso's habit as she told police she was "sick of obtaining cannabis from commercial dealers", Lentz was also a drug user and went along with the crime to support her. Judge John Robertson had a stern warning for the pair that while it's a common "myth" marijuana isn't dangerous, it could have "long-term psychological and physical" effects. Colenso was sentenced to 100 hours of community service, while her partner in crime Lentz was given a $400 fine. No convictions were recorded. Originally published here:

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