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Advocates celebrate legalisation of hemp seed products

An example of hemp food derivatives from The Nimbin Hemp Embassy will be offering free samples of hemp seed and hemp seed oil for the rest of the month now that hemp foods are legal for human consumption in Australia. Australian Hemp Party secretary Andrew Kavasilas said as of yesterday it was legal to grow hemp seed in Australia. ‘It’s a watershed moment on many fronts. Hemp seeds’ nutritional qualities are unparalleled so we’ll have a truly healthy food finally available with new farming opportunities including access to an international market that’s touching the $billion mark,’ Mr Kavasilas said. He said jobs were also being created in production, processing, logistics, design and packaging, marketing, wholesale and retail sales. Mr Kavasilas said hemp seeds contain a significant ratio of Omega 3, 6 and 9, tuned perfectly to the human body with plant-based essential fatty acids and a full compliment of vitamins and minerals. The taste and texture is similar to nuts with no known allergies. ‘Because of its superior nutritional profile and gluten-free status, hemp seed ingredients are incorporated in muesli bars, salad dressings, pasta, breads, smoothies, biscuits, non-whey high fibre protein, flour and many other products. ‘Hemp seed is also used to make a simple natural non-dairy milk substitute with a legendary rich and creamy flavour.’ ‘We’ve pursued this relentlessly for almost 20 years. For the past 7 years or so, state police have raised issues around hemp seed foods interfering with random roadside saliva testing despite the fact the devices are not reliable enough to detect the difference between minute traces in low THC hemp seed food consumption or intoxication.” HEMP Party and HEMP Embassy President Michael Balderstone said the legalising of hemp ‘throws saliva testing up in the air’. ‘State police forces, especially NSW police have forcefully argued and maintained that hemp seed food consumption will interfere with their saliva testing and people will provide positive results which will put further pressure on our courts and the judicial system,’ he said. ‘In light of the fact no other police around the world saliva test like in Australia, I think it’s time our police followed the experience of other countries who are able to tell the difference between nutrition and intoxication, drug impairment and the mere presence of a benign cannabinoid that’s never killed anyone ever in a medical cannabis user like the increasing number of epileptic drivers using it to stop seizures.’ Originally published here:

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