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Casino cannabis venture one step closer with licence application

PUF Ventures Australia (PUFA) the group seeking to set up a medical cannabis farm and extraction plant near Casino, has filed application with the Australian Office of Drug Control to obtain a medicinal cannabis licence and a cannabis research licence in collaboration with the University of Western Sydney based National Institute of Complementary Medicine (NICM) PUFA says it will conduct medical research ‘with NICM’s academic input’ at its proposed ‘Northern Rivers Project’ in a 10,000-square foot dedicated laboratory, training centre and research facility. When complete, it claims the facility will include a 1,200,000 square feet medicinal cannabis cultivation greenhouse and extraction plant near the town. ‘NICM is a world-class research institute, and this collaboration will allow for access to our planned state-of-the-art labs and greenhouse facilities,’ said PUFA CEO Michael Horsfall. ‘NICM will provide their independent academic expertise to contribute to PUFA’s research agenda. This is a significant step forward to allow PUFA to focus on its mandate to develop innovative medicinal products.’ NICM deputy director Professor Jerome Sarris, said he sees ‘tremendous mutual value in this evolving research relationship’. ‘As an institute specializing in medicinal plant research, to collaborate with an organization such as PUFA, with a grand and inspiring vision, holds significant medical potential,’ Professor Sarris said. ‘There is a growing global appetite for “clean-green” high-quality medicinal plants, and in particular, medicinal cannabis, which presents immense health opportunities. NICM engages in selective research collaborations in medicinal cannabis, and the PUFA Northern Rivers Project is a significant development in the field which we are proud to be involved with.’ The Northern Rivers Project is working with experts in Australia, Europe, and Canada in support of the application with the Australian government. The application will further scientific and medical research in the field of medicinal cannabis. PUFA is presently in discussions with NICM on a range of potential projects including women’s health disorders, multiple sclerosis, immune disorders, and the optimization of cannabis constituent profiles. Originally published here:

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