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A hemp and medicinal cannabis event in Campbelltown will not go ahead

Rosemeadow resident Thomas Griffin outside the Campbelltown Civic Centre. Picture: Chris Lane. (Inset of a marijuana plant). A Rosemeadow man has been left disappointed after his bid to host a event spruiking the benefits of medicinal cannabis and hemp products was quashed by Campbelltown Council. Thomas Grfifin said he wanted to hold the event – which aimed to promote only what was “legal and available” – at Campbelltown Council’s Civic Centre. However, his request was refused. Council general manager Lindy Deitz said the council “was not comfortable” with holding that type of event at the centre. “While council is sympathetic to the needs of those living with chronic or terminal illness, and understands the potential for the legal use of medicinal cannabis to assist them, council does not encourage or condone the illegal use of cannabis outside of those circumstances,” she said. “(Council) is not comfortable providing the use of community facilities for the purpose of promoting or displaying implements used in conjunction with recreational cannabis use.” Mr Griffin said there would have been no recreational use of cannabis at the event and the Civic Centre’s location in between the court house and police station would have ensured that. “Medicinal marijuana is legal but a lot of people won’t take it because of the stigma. And hemp in food is full of nutrients,” the 33-year-old said. “The point of the event was to bring people together who are in the hemp industry. “It was about education and trying to simplify (the information) a bit. “That’s why I got a bit upset when they knocked it back.Z “It was just about what was legal and what was available. “I made sure to point out that nothing illegal would be going on.” Mr Griffin said he would now turn his attention to markets in Menangle and Fairfield as an opportunity to spread the message. The Hemp, Health and Innovation Expo and Symposium 2017 recently took place at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. The event’s website said the symposium aimed to showcase “everything from hemp fibres, clothing, bedding, beauty and health products, medicinal hemp products, building materials, hydroponic equipment and supplies for industry and home hobbyists alike”. Originally published here:

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