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Doctors ‘giving up’ on prescribing medical cannabis due to red tape

Doctors are finding it “near impossible” to subscribe medicinal cannabis to patients.

Barry Lambert, Australian businessman and medicinal cannabis advocate, tells Ross Greenwood patients are waiting too long to get their medication. “Doctors trying to subscribe [medical cannabis] just give up on it. I met a doctor last week and she said it took 22 hours to go through the paperwork for one patient. “It’s a disgrace, Ross. Something’s got to be done about it.” Mr Lambert says if his six-year-old granddaughter is taken off her medication she will experience regular epileptic seizures. “She would go back to having seizures. If we did that to greyhounds or live cattle we’d be on Four Corners and have a Royal Commission. “How about putting the patient first? That’s not what’s being done. ”Originally published here:

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